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Friday, December 4, 2015

Pittsburgh-Based Startup Selling One of this Year’s Hottest Holiday Toys

One of this year's hot holiday toys comes out of Pittsburgh.

It’s Rus the Dinosaur, the main character in Digital Dream Labs’ Puzzlets gaming system.

The interactive system has only been on shelves for a few weeks but it’s make or break time for the Pittsburgh-based developer, Digital Dream Labs.

That is a reality due to two factors - sales and money.

The company has raised $1 million dollars, and it currently hopes the federal government will allow more.

This past fall, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced new rules, making it easier for anyone to invest in standups.

"Any new regulations that, let's say, makes it easier for someone to open the check book and sign on the dotted line, we're in favor of, obviously," said Jacob Hanchar, CEO of Digital Dream Labs.

Not everyone is in favor of the investments.

Carnegie Mellon entrepreneurship director Dave Mayhinney said the restrictions could end up scaring investors away.

"What we've ended up with on that end is a set of rules and restrictions that are confusing and very limiting. So I don't think people will want to participate because of this labyrinth of rules," Mawhinney said.

So far, things have been well for Puzzlets. The company has sold enough to keep the lights on for another year.

They’re hoping the new rules will take them to the next step. Read More»