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We invite you to join the supporters of Project Olympus. Your contributions will help us support commercialization by our best and
brightest as vital to the growth and success of the university, the region, and the nation.

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Some of the ways to support Project Olympus are listed below.

For more information contact:

Brian Peck 
Associate Director of Major Gifts, 412-268-1739

Philip Lehman
Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, 412-268-9962

Student Spark Grant Fund

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what they say

   kelly collier ActivAided Orthotics Project Olympus

Kelly Collier, CEO ActivAided Orthotics, Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering'11.

“Project Olympus has been incredibly valuable to us in the infant stages of our company by providing mentoring, advice, a home base location, and connections within the Project Olympus network.Having someone outside of the company to give us unbiased thoughts and opinions from their experiences in entrepreneurship is critical to keeping an open mind and keeping the company on track.”