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Donor Recognition

We would like to thank our Spark Grant Fund Donors and many Friends of Olympus for their amazing support of Project Olympus and our student entrepreneurs.

The Olympus Spark Grant Fund helps students kick-start their business ideas. Olympus Spark Grant Fund [.pdf]

The program is funded by charitable gifts from alumni and other community donors. Students submit proposals and practice 'pitching' the donors. Donors play a vital role in helping Olympus evaluate the students' applications and making award decisions. This is an ongoing grant fund where donors can begin their participation at any time.

For more information on how to support Project Olympus and its programs, visit Support Olympus »

Spark Grant Winners




Spark Grant Donors

Michael Baum
Tony R. Berkman
Roger Byford
Eric C. Cooper
Marcel D. DePaolis
Michael Donohue
Marc C. Guldimann
Adrian Hodges
James Jacob Huttner, M.D, Ph.D
Theo Nicholas
The Painter Family
Richard and Nancy Waichler


Roy Levin
Richard Sanzi

Olympus and Spark Friends

David A. Auerbach
Lenore and Manuel Blum
Mary Burlando
Mark W. and Stephanie Dorgan
Samir Gupta
Caddy and John Harper
Andrew S. Langsam Esq.
Kit and Cliff Needham
Pacven Walden Inc
Dr. Adam Sohnen, M. D.
Carol K. Stockman
Rocco R. Tarasi III 
Justin David Weisz 
Robert A. Wooldridge and Kelly Sacco
Kyle J. Schriver
Phil K. Yoon

Event Sponsors

Blue Tree Capital Group
Duolingo Inc.
Innovation Works
K&L Gates
Stack Exchange Inc

Project Olympus and its PROBEs gratefully acknowledge support from the following foundations and organizations:

Heinz Endowments
Idea Foundry
Innovation Works
Kauffman Foundation
McCune Foundation
National Science Foundation
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA)

To find out how to support Olympus and its programs, please visit  Support Olympus»

   kelly collier ActivAided Orthotics Project Olympus

Kelly Collier, CEO ActivAided Orthotics, Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering'11.

“Project Olympus has been incredibly valuable to us in the infant stages of our company by providing mentoring, advice, a home base location, and connections within the Project Olympus network. Having someone outside of the company to give us unbiased thoughts and opinions from their experiences in entrepreneurship is critical to keeping an open mind and keeping the company on track.”

Spark Grant