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About Project Olympus

Project Olympus, a Carnegie Mellon innovation center, operates at the earliest stages of the value creation chain. It aims to augment and accelerate the process of moving cutting-edge research and great ideas to development and business stages through licensing, creating start-ups, and through corporate collaboration and strategic partnerships. Olympus provides start-up advice, micro-grants, incubator space, and connections for faculty and students across campus and with the wider regional, national and global business communities. How to work with us

A main goal is to create a climate, culture and community to enable talent and ideas to grow, creating a dynamic commercialization eco-system. An initiative of the School of Computer Science, Project Olympus works collaboratively with all members of the university’s Innovation Eco-system. Based within the university’s academic sector, Olympus can easily tap into promising innovations that build on the wealth of university research and student ingenuity. Fostering collaborations, both on and off campus, Olympus leverages considerable community expertise and resources.

Olympus PROBE projects (PRoblem-Oriented Business Explorations) are the centerpiece of the enterprise. Here teams of faculty and students from across campus explore the commercial potential of their research and ideas. Guidance is provided at every stage by the Olympus in-house Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and a network of economic development partners. Visit our Student and Faculty project pages to learn more.

what they say

    Ayan Kishore Careerimp Olympus

Ayan Kishore, CEO Careerimp Inc. (Acquired in 2012) M.A., HCII '2009

“Project Olympus provided the momentum to make our ideas a reality. It provided a platform for us to move from a student group with ideas to a real business.... It is fair to say that without Project Olympus, the company would not exist as it does currently. Thank you.”

Ayan Kishore, CEO Careerimp Inc. (Acquired in 2012) M.A., HCII 2009