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How To Work With Us


Faculty members who are interested in working with Project Olympus should consult the Faculty Application Process and contact Professor Lenore Blum.


We welcome all students who are interested in exploring creating a business.

Students who are interested in becoming an Olympus PROBE project should fill out the Business Concept Template [.doc] and send it to Kit Needham We recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions before completing the template.

Frequently Asked Questions For Students

Who is eligible?

Why do I need to complete the Business Concept Template?

Any guidelines or hints for completing the Business Concept Template?

What about alumni?

Can I add non-CMU students to my team?

Does my business idea have to involve technology?

How do I get started?

What are the requirements for becoming a PROBE (Problem Oriented Business Exploration) Project?

What is the difference between a PROBE and a PROBE- in- Process (PiP)?

Does Olympus take any equity or own any of my business?

Does Olympus provide any funding?

Does CMU claim the right to own any of my intellectual property?

I have a number of ideas. Can you help me decide which one to work on?

What if it turns out my idea isn't such a great business after all?

What they Say

Davin Lafon, Founder, Aletheia Innovations

"Project Olympus was the perfect place to launch my first company. Through Olympus I was able to get critical insights on how to refine my product, my value proposition and my market strategy. Olympus also helped me form a core network of business connections and mentors who have helped me pilot multiple successful businesses over the years."   

  Priya Narasimhan

Priya Narasimhan, Founder and CEO, YinzCam Inc. Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

"The work with the Penguins resulted directly due to the last Olympus Event. Audrey Russo heard me speak and immediately solicited a proposal for the Penguins.

The Olympus event made this connection happen, and I am very excited by it. Thank you again... for EVERYTHING. You have made so much possible for us.”