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East Liberty Startup SolePower Catching Global Attention

A forward-thinking idea to transfer the kinetic energy of forward progress into cell phone-charging electricity has earned two East Liberty startup founders a spot on Popular ... Read More »

McGinnis Venture Competition

Congratulations to the 2014 McGinnis Venture Competition Winners!

Impaqd: Impaqd is a real-time, GPS-enabled app that connects shipping customers directly to freight carriers by identifying and filling empty cargo space. With one in five trucks on the road traveling without cargo, IMPAQD increases the efficiency and profitability of these routes, while providing shipping customers access to convenient, reliable and cost-efficient transportation.

Solvvy, Inc.: With current tools, users often spend hours or even days searching the Web for information related to a particular idea. Solvvy, Inc. is an intelligent problem-solving assistant that significantly enhances a user’s ability to find Web content by using state-of-the-art text analysis technology. After you simply describe your problem, no matter how complex, Solvvy will find you the best information.

Appbase: Appbase is the perfect data layer for cross-platform apps, providing a unified database interface to handle all of the data syncing and querying needs. App developers do not need to work with servers, manage offline databases for each platform or worry about scaling when they hit a product-market fit.

Tailored Fit: Never again waste time shopping on multiple websites or running around the mall trying to find clothing you like. Tailored Fit is an online shopping service that features all of your favorite retailers on one site. It works by learning your preferences over time and then making increasingly personalized suggestions.

Captions:What would you do if you traveled across the world but could not meet new friends, order food, get directions, or even understand when someone else was saying hello? Captions, a new application for wearable glass technology, solves this problem by projecting translations for any spoken foreign language right in front of the user’s eye.

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The Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), established in fall 2012, builds on the strengths of Project Olympus and the Don Jones Center for Entrepreneurship in order to advance university research and ideas. We work with our colleagues to create meaningful and lasting contributions to Carnegie Mellon’s entrepreneurial mission, contributions that enhance the innovation ecosystem throughout the campuses, within western Pennsylvania, and beyond. The CIE assists faculty, student, staff, and alumni across the entire community in exploring the commercial potential of their innovations. Read more »

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