Carnegie Mellon University
May 31, 2021

Dietrich Scholars To Begin Studies

PSN Student Tomás Suárez Omedas Among Scholars

By Stacy Kish

Stacy Kish

The inaugural class of Dietrich College Scholars Fellows represents an exemplary group of doctoral students pursuing their degrees in the humanities and social sciences.

"This program will lift talent and promote interdisciplinary scholarship to explore a diverse set of topics," said Ayana Ledford, director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Dietrich College.

The scholars represent the eight Dietrich departments that offer doctoral degree programs. The fellowship provides a pathway to success through financial support, opportunities to expand networks and professional development.

"Through the fellowship, we are helping our doctoral students build professional and personal community," said Sharon Carver, associate dean for Educational Affairs. 

Join Dietrich College in welcoming the inaugural class of scholars.

Tomás Suárez Omedas

Tomas OmedasTomás Suárez Omedas will focus his graduate studies in systems neuroscience, working with Sandra Kuhlman. His studies will focus on cortico-cortical communication dynamics to understand how different areas of the brain's cortex communicate with other cortical areas through mathematical analysis of neuronal activity in the visual cortex. Omedas earned a bachelor’s degree at Florida International University.

"As the inaugural cohort of Dietrich College Scholars, I am looking forward to [connecting] with people [from] different disciplines than mine," said Omedas. "I believe that multidisciplinary and global approaches are key to advance in research, and I am looking forward to grow in many different disciplines."

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