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Understanding how the brain works is one of the biggest puzzles left for science to solve.  Answers to critical questions in neuroscience lie at a pivotal intersection between biology, cognitive psychology, computer science, statistics and engineering – areas where Carnegie Mellon University excels.

The Neuroscience Institute was launched to bring together faculty and students from across the University to conduct multi-disciplinary work to advance the state of brain science.  Programmatic activities undertaken in Carnegie Mellon’s BrainHub and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) are included under NI in a new administrative structure. With participation of the CMU community, the strategic planning for the new institute was completed in September 2018.  Faculty hires, program planning and administrative restructuring are underway. 

Administratively, the Neuroscience Institute is affiliated with both the Mellon College of Science (MCS) and the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, but has members from MCS, Dietrich, the College of Engineering, the School of Computer Science, and the College of Fine Arts.

Our Vision is to be an international leader of transformative advances in neural sciences

Our Mission


Conducting interdisciplinary research that harnesses CMU’s core strengths in cognitive science, computation, data science, biology and engineering to understand and improve brain function in both healthy and diseased brains


Inventing and applying the next generation of neural technologies and tools


Transcending traditional disciplines to tackle fundamental problems


Creating leaders with the cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge to use neural sciences to solve tomorrow’s problems


Engage the community to communicate the importance of basic and applied neural sciences and the unique contributions of NI

We Value


The courage to take risks and challenge convention


A creative atmosphere that fosters impactful discovery


An interdisciplinary culture that nurtures the sharing of ideas and knowledge


A respectful environment that values and supports all faculty, staff and students


Finding strength in different backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences


Recognition of the responsibility implicit in our work

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