Carnegie Mellon University
July 26, 2022

Dean's Office Welcomes New DEI Staff

By Kirsten Heuring

Jocelyn Duffy
  • Associate Dean for Communications, MCS
  • 412-268-9982

This spring, the Mellon College of Science's office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion welcomed two new staff members, Demetrius Baldwin and Cassandra Rios. Both are excited to share their skills with the MCS community.

Demetrius Baldwin

Baldwin is a Mon Valley native who grew up in Braddock and Rankin. He attended Bucknell University. Before he arrived at MCS, he worked in Pittsburgh Public Schools as an equity advocate, where he would encourage teachers to incorporate more diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom. He joined MCS because he wanted the students he has worked with to realize that science opportunities are in their backyard.

"I want people to know how awesome MCS is and the amazing things that scientists are doing here to invigorate young scientists, including black and brown scientists and women scientists," Baldwin said.

Baldwin is now the senior program Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, where he helps MCS provide programs for students from underrepresented backgrounds. He said he looks forward to making MCS a broader part of the Pittsburgh community.

Cassandra Rios

Rios is from Galt, California, in the Sacramento Valley area. She came to Pittsburgh for graduate school at the University at Pittsburgh. Though she initially pursued a Ph.D., she realized she was more passionate about science education. After earning her master's degree, she applied to work at MCS because she said she saw it as the perfect place to combine her interests.

"I was in students' shoes not that long ago but long enough to have the wisdom, so whenever they come up with questions, I get like really excited to answer them and hopefully help them choose their career path," Rios said.

Rios is the program manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, where she assists with creating and implementing programs for students from underrepresented backgrounds. She said she hopes to use her position to enhance the feeling of community in MCS.

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