Carnegie Mellon University
June 28, 2019

MCS Graduate Student Conference Funding Award Winners Announced

By Ben Panko

Six winners for the fourth round of the Mellon College of Science Graduate Student Conference Funding Award have been announced by Glen de Vries Dean Rebecca W. Doerge and Manfred Paulini, associate dean for faculty and graduate affairs.

The award was created by Doerge to help graduate students fund travel to conferences and workshops that will further their research. The award gives individual students or groups attending the same meeting up to $500 in supplemental funding for travel, and priority is given to applicants who have already secured funding from other sources.

The winners and the meetings they plan to attend are as follows:

  • Antoine Remond-Tiedrez (Mathematical Sciences) — Equadiff 2019

  • Alexander Hodge (Biological Sciences) — Neuroscience 2019

  • Husni Almoubayyed (Physics) — Dark Energy Science Collaboration Meeting, Hack Day, and Dark Energy School

  • Marcos Mazari Armida (Mathematical Sciences) — Workshop on Recent Applications of Model Theory

  • Daniel Darvish (Physics) — National Nuclear Physics Summer School

  • Hannah Frame (Chemistry) — Nano-Micromaterials for Circular Economy and Sustainability in the East Asia Pacific

The deadline for applications for the award for the first half of 2020 is December 1; interested students can find more information online.