Carnegie Mellon University

Beckman Scholars

Undergraduate Award

Each year, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation carefully reviews extensive information about institutions across the country and then identifies colleges and universities to receive Beckman Scholars Program application invitations. Invited institutions demonstrate a significant commitment to undergraduate research in chemistry, the biological sciences and/or interdisciplinary combinations thereof. They also show the capability to compete successfully on a national level for scientific research funds in peer-reviewed government and private foundation supported programs over previous years. Their faculties and their research facilities are judged to be of the quality necessary to support the caliber of undergraduate research program sought for Beckman Scholars. Members of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council participate in the selection of institutions that are invited.

Katherine McCann 2008–2009 Biological Sciences
Natalie Weir 2008–2009 Chemistry
Gregory Newby 2007–2008 Biological Sciences
Steven Reilly 2007–2008 Biological Sciences
Samantha Spath 2006–2007 Biological Sciences
Stefanie Sydlik 2006–2007 Chemistry
William Eimer 2005–2006 Biological Sciences
Ryan T. Malecky 2005–2006 Chemistry
Jamie Conklin 2004–2005 Biological Sciences
David Fooksman 2000 Biological Sciences
Rebecca Frederick 2000 Biological Sciences