Carnegie Mellon University

Office of the Board of Trustees and Secretary of the Corporation

The Office of the Board of Trustees and Secretary of the Corporation provide strategic leadership and serve as primary liaison to the Board of Trustees, the administration and the university community, which enables the board to perform its fiduciary duty at a high level, the administration to operate efficiently and effectively with respect to the governance of the university, and the university community to understand and engage with the governing board. The office also oversees the management and operations of the trustees and its committees, including the presidential advisory boards that conduct reviews of the university’s programs. The Secretary of the Corporation is the custodian of the meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Articles and the Bylaws, the corporate records and the seal of the Corporation. The board office also maintains and disseminates official records of all board actions, including board meeting agendas.

A photo of Cathy Light

Cathy Light

Secretary of the Corporation and Advisor to the President


A photo of Kate Lippert

Kate Lippert

Manager of Trustee Engagement

EMAIl kate lippert

A photo of Dan Getkin

Dan Getkin

Executive Assistant and Board Office Coordinator