Carnegie Mellon University

If you have received any of the messages listed below, do not follow the link(s) in the message or respond to the sender. Instead, you should delete the email from your inbox immediately.

DO NOT assume a suspicious email is safe because it is not listed here. When in doubt, forward the email to the Information Security Office at or contact the Incident Response Team at 412-268-2044 if you have questions.ISO goat riding a fishIf you have already fallen for one of the messages listed below, please contact the Information Security Office immediately and follow the steps on the I Might Have Been Phished, What Do I Do? webpage.

Note: If you report a phishing email and receive an error/bounceback, it may be because the ISO is already aware of the message and has put safeguards in place to protect others.

Latest Phishing Threats

Date Subject Audience
8/3/20 Carnegie Mellon University account Migration Notice Staff, Student
7/31/20 IT Access Change Staff
7/27/20 New schedule message. Staff
7/27/20 Ticket #: 29091 Staff
7/23/20 Membership Validation Staff
7/19/20 JOB Staff, Faculty
7/17/20 URGENT REQUEST Student, Staff, Faculty
7/17/20 HR & Payroll Staff
7/16/20 AW: ICT Support Alert Staff
7/16/20 Staff, Faculty
7/15/20 Request Staff
7/13/20 Cmu is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting Time Staff
7/10/20 RE:InfoDesk! Staff
7/9/20 Payroll Staff
7/8/20 HelpDesk Update Staff
6/25/20 Email Suspension Notification Staff
6/24/20 VM from 17182410831 to Ext. 301 on 6/23/20 10:23 AM for 22 sec Staff, Faculty
6/23/20 Removal from server will occur in 48 hours ( Confirm now) Staff
6/18/20 Outstanding May/June Invoice INV-01364 from Staff
6/11/20 IT Service Desk Staff
6/08/20 Notice Staff
6/08/20 2020 Payroll calender changes Staff
6/05/20 Payroll for Staff
6/05/20 Notice! Staff
6/04/20 New Schedule Notification Staff, Faculty
6/1/20 Payroll Schedule Staff
5/28/20 Attn: Faculty & Staff Faculty, Staff
5/21/20 QUICK UPDATE Staff
5/14/20 1 New (COVID-19) Message Students, Staff, Faculty
5/11/20 Andrew Missed Messages Staff, Faculty
5/6/20 Failure!! Rectify. Staff
5/5/20 You have (2) new documents Staff
4/30/20 Report For *Username* Staff, Students
4/29/20 CMU Alert - *Daily report for* Staff, Students
4/16/20 RE: April Payment Faculty, Staff
4/16/20 Coronavirus update (COVID-19) your neighbors tested positive Faculty, Staff
4/15/20 RE: Covid-19 Payroll Verification Staff
4/8/20 Student Employment CMU Students
3/30/20 ICT Password Reset Staff
3/27/20 Office Help Students
3/25/20 Payroll Schedule Staff
3/25/20 Microsoft found Several Undelivered Messages Staff
3/23/20 Treat as urgent Staff/Faculty
3/18/20 Notice on Mailbox storage limit Staff
3/14/20 RE: New Outlook Web App for Staff/Employee Staff
3/10/20 Weekly Position Announcement FT/PT Students
3/6/20 1 Important message from IT Service Desk Staff
3/3/20 Deactivation is in progress Student/Staff
1/28/20 Tutor Needed Student/Faculty
1/13/20 IT-Service Help Desk Update Student/Staff
1/9/20 Warning: Confirm your Carnegie Mellon University Webmail now Student/Staff/Faculty
1/8/20 Carnegie Mellon University Schedule Message Student/Staff/Faculty
1/2/20 Alert Student/Staff/Faculty
12/31/19 Unusual sign-in activity Student/Staff/Faculty
12/18/19 [Recipient Andrew ID] Student/Staff/Faculty
12/18/19 SECURITY NOTIFICATION Students/Staff
12/5/19 Station Receipt Students/Staff/Faculty
11/21/19 Fake Voicemail Message  Staff

Sharepoint File

11/4/19 On-Campus Job Opportunity Students
10/17/19 New Payroll Instructions Staff/Faculty
10/15/19 Password Check Required Immediately Staff/Faculty