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The ISO is proud to offer three different cyber security video series from partnering organizations and affiliations. These informative videos provide cyber security tips, tricks, and best practices in a fun and engaging manner. Check back regularly for new videos!

Archer News Network Cybersecurity Series

Too busy to read our articles? No problem! Kerry Tomlinson with Archer News Network has created a fun and informative security awareness video series using Legos to explain general and technical cyber security concepts, attacks, and tools!  

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Staf Safe Online Series

security awareness episodes

Adobe, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and Speechless have partnered to bring you a series of funny and engaging security awareness videos!

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Proofpoint: 60 Seconds to Better Security

60 seconds to better security

Are you a fan of classic arcade style games? If so, these short cyber security learning videos are for you! Proofpoint has created the 60 Seconds to better security videos to inform computer users on cyber security threats and attacks in only a minute! 

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