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Phish Alarm Report Phish Button 


Report Phishing using PhishAlarm

PhishAlarm is a mail add-in which allows you to easily report a potential phishing email. With the click of the Report Phish button, the suspicious email will be moved from your inbox to your junk folder and forwarded to the Information Security Office for analysis. 

Learn to Use PhishAlarm

   Report Phish for Google Mail

Report Phishing Only (not Spam)

Review emails carefully before you click on the Report Phish button. The Report Phish button should only be used to report emails you believe are malicious phishing attempts. Spam or marketing emails should be reported to the Help Center at and/or delete it from your inbox. Information regarding how to distinguish between a phish or spam can be found on the Phishing vs Spam webpage

Keep CMU Safe Using PhishAlarm

You are an important part of the process of keeping Carnegie Mellon University safe from cybercriminals. Reporting suspicious emails will help us to better defend against them. Once a malicious email is identified, steps are taken to mitigate the threat. 


Contact the Information Security Office at: