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Master of Science in Software Management (Silicon Valley Campus)

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Welcome to the on-line catalog for the MS in Software Management program. The Master of Science in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University prepares you to be a successful innovator in the software industry.  We teach you the skills necessary to build a career in product management, in managing a software development organization, and for innovating within the enterprise or in your own startup.  

Like an MBA, this degree gives you the business skills you want.  Unlike an MBA, we've tailored the Software Management degree for people in technical careers, providing the parts of a business education that you need and will use.  

Whether you want to innovate in the enterprise, be a product manager, become an entrepreneur, manage a software development organization, or be a better software project manager or development lead, you need to move beyond technology-only thinking, and gain the knowledge and confidence to apply business skills to:

  • Continually assess a product’s competitive position in an evolving market.
  • Continually assess the quality of a product (your own or your company’s).
  • Abandon or refine a product idea (known as a ‘pivot’) based on customer feedback, feasibility estimates, or new entrants or circumstances in the market.
  • Work in diverse teams to address various issues that arise in the software industry.
  • Become a leader who is capable of resolving differences of opinion and inspiring those around you.

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