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The Integrated Innovation Institute will no longer be admitting and enrolling new students to the Master of Science in Technology Ventures (MSTV) program in Silicon Valley after Spring semester 2022. Students already admitted and enrolled in the MSTV program during or before Spring semester 2022 will remain eligible to complete their degree requirements at the Silicon Valley campus through Spring semester 2023. 


MSTV Curriculum

Explore course descriptions and program design possibilities to help you decide if the Master of Science in Technology Ventures program is right for you.

Featured Courses


Agile Marketing for New Ventures (49-852)

Gain the skills to formulate marketing strategies that lead to successful products. 

Grand Challenge Innovation Presentation

Grand Challenge Innovation (49-850)

Apply emerging technologies to solve some of society's most pressing challenges.

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge (49-804)

Learn the key actions, development points, attributes, and skills to establish your leadership style.


The majority of the coursework is designed specifically for the MSTV program.  Students can take pre-approved electives in select departments on campus to complete their degrees. 

The following courses are required unless otherwise noted. 

All MSTV students are required to take 36 units of applied engineering and technology coursework:

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Note: These course requirements will vary depending on whether you are in the MSTV 16-month or dual-degree program.

  • 49-804 The Leadership Challenge
  • 49-851 Financial Fundamentals for New Ventures
  • 49-852 Agile Marketing for New Ventures
  • 49-857 Dynamic Global Teams
  • 49-853 Product Management
  • 49-854 Business Models and Strategy


  • 49-800 Commercializing IP
  • 49-850 Grand Challenge Innovation
  • 49-859 Master of Science in Technology Ventures – Internship


  • 49-881 Start Up Creation in Practice
  • 49-801 Enterprise Innovation
  • 49-802 Innovation & Entrepreneurship I
  • 49-803 Innovation & Entrepreneurship II


  • 49-808 Special Topics: Integrated Innovation for Large Scale Problems
  • 49-882 Special Topics: Emerging Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • 49-883 Special Topics: Emerging Technology: Blockchain
  • 49-855 Venture Governance: The Role of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
  • 49-856 Legal Issues in New Venture Creation

Beyond electives offered by the Integrated Innovation Institute, as an MSTV student you will have the opportunity to take courses offered by other departments at Carnegie Mellon. To help plan your program, you'll receive a complete list of pre-approved electives prior to academic advising appointments each semester.

Please note that to enroll in an elective course, you must receive approval by your advisor and demonstrate that the coursework is relevant to the product development process. 

Program Options

MSTV student presentation


Combine world-class Carnegie Mellon academics with the Silicon Valley experience.

  • 16 months (January-May)
  • Immerse yourself in fundamental engineering and technology coursework at Carnegie Mellon's Pittsburgh campus
  • Establish your Silicon Valley network through a summer internship and coursework Carnegie Mellon in Mountain View, CA

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MSTV students networking

MSTV Dual-Degree Programs

Advance your technical skills with an additional master's degree.

  • 20 months (August-May), adding a semester in Pittsburgh to the start of your program (Fall entry)
  • Delve further into your engineering expertise through additional coursework from the College of Engineering
  • Earn an additional master's degree with just one more academic semester

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