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Reserving a Registrar Classroom

This page contains important information about classroom reservation policies, including who may reserve space, the reservation process, cancellations, and more. All classroom reservation requests must be made through 25Live

Registrar Classroom Reservation Policies

University Registrar classrooms may be requested at no cost by any member of the Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh campus community (student, faculty member, or staff member) with a valid and active Andrew ID. The event must be organized by, financially supported by, and intended for members of the Carnegie Mellon community. The following applies:

  • Faculty may request space under their academic department.
  • Staff may request space under their academic or administrative department.
  • Student organizations must be recognized by Carnegie Mellon's Committee on Student Organizations (CoSO). CoSO was established by Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly to oversee the recognition of student groups on the Pittsburgh campus.  Student organizations must adhere to CoSO guidelines. Only valid student organizations listed on ‘The Bridge’ may request University Registrar classroom space.
  • Students who do not belong to a recognized student organization and wish to request University Registrar classrooms should contact the Student Activities Office.
  • Student organizations who are sponsored by an academic department must have a faculty advisor and register their organization with the University Registrar’s Office.
  • External organizations whose primary purpose is education or community service may request the use of space by contacting the Conference & Event Services.  External organizations will be charged a fee for the use of the space and are required to provide proof of insurance.
  • Vendors are not permitted to request University Registrar classrooms.

University Registrar classrooms are primarily allocated for Carnegie Mellon academic courses and academic course related events (exams, review sessions, help sessions, etc.).  The University Registrar’s Office assigns university classrooms for all courses and course related events. Academic course related events must adhere to standard meeting times and the undergraduate course moratorium (University Free Time) policy. View a full list of Registrar-controlled classrooms, with their layouts and capacities or visit 25Live.

University Registrar classrooms may be requested for non-academic events (meetings, etc).  Classroom availability may be subject to change as the University Registrar’s Office continues to respond to academic related needs that impact the day, time and classroom assignments during the first two weeks of the semester.  Therefore, requests for non-academic events occurring within the academic semester may be held by the University Registrar schedulers. Held requests are processed under these guidelines:

  • Non-academic events are generally reserved by the University Registrar’s Office three weeks prior to the start of classes when most academic events are finalized.
  • Non-academic daylight requests Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm will be reviewed on a week-by-week basis through the 10th day of classes. After the 10th day of classes, daylight requests will be reserved if the space is available.
  • All events requesting University Registrar classrooms must be requested on 25Live at least three full business days prior to the date of the event. Business days are Monday through Friday.
  • Requests are generally reviewed within two business days unless the request is held.
  • One event contact should request University Registrar classrooms.  The event contact maintains responsibility for the actions of all persons occupying the University Registrar classroom during the event.
    • For recognized Student Organizations, only designated contacts referenced from The Bridge, may request university classrooms.
    • An event contact may not transfer a University Registrar classroom event to another individual or organization.
  • University Registrar classrooms may be reserved until 11:30 pm.
  • We advise requesting one classroom per event.  
    • When an event requests multiple classrooms, the scheduler will reserve one classroom in fairness to all requestors.   Additional University Registrar classrooms will be reviewed and either assigned/denied after thirty days in the semester.
  • If the university classroom is no longer available, a comparable classroom will be assigned for the event.  If a comparable classroom is not available, the scheduling office will contact the requestor.
  • Submitting a request for a University Registrar classroom does not warrant permission to occupy the classroom. The initial state of a request is tentative. Tentative means unconfirmed.
  • All event requests must be approved or denied by the University Registrar scheduler.
    • Upon approval, the scheduler will change the event state to confirmed. 
    • Upon denial, the scheduler will change the event state to denied. 
    • The requestor is notified by email regarding the event state.
  • Before advertising and/or occupying the University Registrar classroom, the event must be confirmed by the University Registrar Scheduling Office. 
  • All requests are monitored by a University Registrar scheduler.
    • Overly excessive or continuous last minute requests made by an individual or an organization may jeopardize future classroom confirmations.
    • Repeated attempts to request a classroom, but leaving the classroom unoccupied may limit the ability to request classrooms in the future and may be fined. 
  • Non-academic requests will be scheduled through the last day of classes when all programming concludes for the semester.
  • Requests falling within final exam weeks will be held until the second week of November and the second week of April when final exam classrooms have been assigned.
  • The University Registrar’s Office reserves the right to move non-academic events as deemed necessary with appropriate notice.


If your organization is cancelling the event, please notify the University Registrar Scheduling Office  by emailing immediately. The subject line of the email should include “Cancel this Reservation” and the body of the message should include the event reference # that is on the classroom confirmation.


To change or choose a different time or date for the event, cancel the original event as stated in the Cancellations section. Please login to 25Live to request a new event date, time and desired classroom.  

University Classroom Use Policy  

Common courtesy is to be exercised and expected whenever a University Registrar classroom is confirmed and occupied. 

Before the event:

  • Bring the classroom confirmation to the event.  This confirmation verifies the event was officially scheduled and confirmed by the University Registrar Scheduling Office.  The state of the event must be confirmed to occupy the space.
  • Most classrooms are unlocked during the weekday.  If the classroom inadvertently became locked, contact Security 8-2323 to open the classroom. 
  • If the event is scheduled over the weekend, please contact campus police 24 hours in advance to have the classroom opened in time for the event. Call 412-268-2323 or Include your name, phone, building/room, event name, event reference #, start time and end time.
  • Serving food in university classrooms is not permitted. If you are planning to serve food or drinks, please reserve a space that is designed for that purpose, such as conference rooms, CUC or other event spaces.
  • Candles are prohibited in University Registrar classrooms.
  • Pets are prohibited except for service and guide animals.
  • Events are prohibited to interrupt academic course instruction. Please patiently wait until the course instruction is complete.
  • If you need assistance with classroom media or ordering media equipment, please contact or 412-268-8855.

During the event:

  • Furniture must remain in the classroom.  
  • Furniture may be re-arranged within the classroom.
  • Events may not remain in, nor return to, the university classroom once cleaning crews begin overnight cleaning. 

After the event:

  • As a courtesy to faculty and respect for the classroom, all furniture must be arranged to the original classroom arrangement according to the outside classroom marker.  Cleaning crews are not responsible for room set-ups.  This is the responsibility of the event contact.
  • Dispose of all signs, paper and waste in the designated waste bins outside of the classroom.
  • Turn off lights and the leave the door unlocked.
  • Send email to to report maintenance or cleaning issues.

Classroom Media

All Registrar-controlled classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, as well as a chalk bin with chalk and erasers.

Media Technology Services (MediaTech) provides a wide array of audio-visual technology and technical assistance to the campus community. Services include state of the art data and video projection, sound reinforcement, videoconferences, videography and much more. In addition to lending equipment for classes and events, MediaTech provides the following classroom services (if your course is a Registrar-scheduled course, these services are free of charge):

  • demonstrate the equipment to instructors
  • resolve trouble calls, and send a technician to the classroom when necessary
  • repair, or temporarily replace, malfunctioning equipment
  • provide a variety of equipment for courses to borrow (pick-up service only)

Refer to MediaTech's website for more information.

25Live provides other campus space availability.

Off–campus groups sponsoring an event must contact Conference and Event Services. If the event is approved, Conference and Event Services will contact the University Registrar's Office Scheduling Specialist to reserve a room. The official university policy for the use of space by non–university organizations is as follows:

  1. A non–university organization is one in which the membership and leadership consist primarily of individuals who are not members of the Carnegie Mellon community. The mere presence of Carnegie Mellon students and/or faculty in the general membership or even in positions of leadership of an organization does not make it a university organization, nor does the fact that the request for facilities is made either by a faculty member or a student. Where student organizations “sponsor” non–university organizations as defined above, the request will be treated as if the non–university organization had made the request.
  2. Non–university organizations may be allowed to use Carnegie Mellon facilities under the following conditions:
    • The event is organized primarily for professional or educational purposes.
    • The request for facilities is submitted in writing at least thirty days prior to the event.
    • The presence of the event will not interfere with the normal activities of the university.
    • If the authorizing officer questions the appropriateness of the request, it will be referred immediately to the Dean of Student Affairs and the appropriate campus administrators.
    • When a university group requests facilities for a meeting at which substantial off–campus attendance would be expected and notice of the meeting would be disseminated beyond campus, the request must be reviewed with the same criteria as 2, above.
    • If an event is to be approved that will substantially reduce the facilities available for student use during periods when students are in residence, the request will be discussed with the Student Senate before final approval is given.
    • All requests for the use of Carnegie Mellon facilities by non–university organizations shall be made to Conference and Events. Permission to use facilities may not be assumed until a room reservation form has been signed by the Facilities Coordinator in Conference and Events or, in the Coordinator’s absence, by the Dean of Student Affairs.