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Employee Resources Groups

OHR encourages and supports the establishment of Employee Resource Groups (ERG). ERG's are special interest groups formed by members of an organization with the overarching purpose to unite individuals to a common cause and to provide a structured framework and network for members. To be formally recognized, ERG goals must align with the objectives and culture of the organization and self-identify their purpose and goals through an application process. Individual membership in ERG's is strictly voluntary, open to all interested individuals, and supports diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.  Additionally, ERG's serve the purpose of acting as a conduit for outreach efforts for the local community and for other campus initiatives.

OHR provides employees with guidance and resources to help facilitate the establishment of ERG's and to help provide structure to ensure successful establishment, organization, and longevity. OHR's provides support to ERG's, OHR does not receive or provide any financial support to ERG's.

  • OHR's function related to ERG's and special interest groups is primarily for employees; however, faculty groups exist under the provost and student groups exist within student affairs and individual departments.
  • Through an application process, OHR maintains the responsibility to formally review and acknowledge that any formally recognized ERG meets the minimum criteria. Only formally recognized ERG's are recognized on the OHR Webster and campus calendars and are eligible to represent Carnegie Mellon University at campus and community events.
  • Although OHR facilitates the ERG establishment process,  It is each individual ERG's responsibility to determine its operational funding structure or membership dues.  

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