Carnegie Mellon University

Inclement Weather FAQs

How is the decision made to change the operating status of the university?

There may be occasions when the university community is served best by suspending normal operations. In that event, only the president (or the president's designated representative) has the authority to close the university and to specify those persons or group of persons who are to refrain from coming to campus and/or who are free to leave work or class early.

How can I find out about a closing or change in university operations?

As soon as the president or the designee determines that the university must be closed due to an emergency, announcements of the closing are issued via Carnegie Mellon email, the university’s Emergency Notification System, and posted to the CMU homepage. Media Relations staff may also inform local media organizations about the closing.

What is the policy regarding time off/compensation?

When inclement weather has not triggered an emergency closing, employees are expected to be at work as usual. Unless otherwise directed, all employees are expected to report to work at their regular time and to remain at work throughout the course of their regularly scheduled workday.

Personal safety is an important consideration when evaluating the ability to commute to work during inclement weather. If weather conditions prevent an employee from working as scheduled, the employee is required to notify their supervisor or department head. If unable to come to work due to severe weather, staff members are expected to use Paid Time Off (PTO), consistent with regular operating protocols.

Please refer to the Emergency Closings section of the Staff Handbook [pdf] and the Policy on Temporary Emergency Closing of the University for more information.

What are the guidelines regarding working from home during inclement weather?

In special circumstances, exempt employees may be permitted to work from home. Approval is granted at the discretion of the supervisor and only in those circumstances where the job duties allow it.