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(Agency Code: 300)

As a member of the Oakland community, Carnegie Mellon has worked closely with featured agency, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation (OPDC), for many years. OPDC’s mission is to build a better Oakland and help neighbors thrive. OPDC serves Oakland residents, employees, visitors, transit-riders, cyclists and anchor institutions by providing workforce dSouth Oakland Residentsevelopment services, youth programming, community organizing and planning projects, neighborhood cleaning and greening initiatives, affordable rental housing and home renovation support. Carnegie Mellon University is partnering with OPDC to implement recommendations in the Oakland 2025 Master Plan: A Vision for Sustainable Living and Mobility. The plan calls for innovative strategies to guide Oakland’s growth as the region’s center of innovation and technology and support the quality of life in its residential neighborhoods. CMU campus community members serve on a steering committee with OPDC to explore how employers can create housing incentives that help stabilize the neighborhood, and are also working together on a two year project through a grant from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control to reduce underage drinking in Oakland. CMU and OPDC collaboratively participate on a group called the Oakland Task Force which works ways to improve the neighborhood such as by improving bike safety and access to the neighborhood and improving transit, attracting quality development/businesses.