Carnegie Mellon University

Remote/Online Programs Involving Minors — Summer 2020

Per the message from Provost Garrett dated March 31, 2020, in-person, on-campus courses and formal summer programming can only be offered in remote or online formats through August 1, 2020. The Office of Human Resources — in collaboration with the Office of General Counsel and the Office of the Vice Provost for Education — have outlined the following requirements for programs intending to run in a remote or online format during Summer 2020.

Requirements for Program Administration

Contact Ericha Geppert, Child Protection Operations Specialist within the Office of Human Resources, for questions related to these program requirements.

Compliance Guidelines

  • Programs are not permitted to have an on-campus presence.
  • CMU programs must utilize FERPA compliant tools (e.g., Canvas with Zoom integration); third party programs are not possible.
  • Enrolling minor participants under the age of 13 is discouraged.
  • Minors residing abroad may not participate.