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Development and Educational Opportunities

Training and development can help employees learn new tasks, broaden skills and abilities, and address performance problems. It can also boost satisfaction levels and performance, while helping the employees along their career paths.

Training also benefits you as a manager, since you are judged by the effectiveness of your employees in reaching departmental goals. Additionally, the better trained your employees are, the more smoothly your group will perform.

The university provides many low- or no cost learning opportunities:

  • Oracle Systems, Workday and Procurement Training
  • Management Skills and Professional Development Programs
  • Health and Fitness
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Tuition benefits for eligible staff

Formulating a Development Plan for Someone Who Reports to You

Identifying educational opportunities is a critical part of supporting your staff. It enhances their performance, expands their expertise, and adds new skills that may lead to additional opportunities.

  • Identifying training needs during a performance review or planning meeting is particularly useful for charting an employee development plan that will lead to professional growth and development.
  • Communicate your expectation that your staff will take at least one Professional Development Services course per term.