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Performance Management

As a manager, one of your most important tasks is to evaluate, support, motivate, and influence the performance of those who report to you. Partnering for Performance is a process that guides managers and their staff through the coaching and evaluation process, involving three major elements in the cycle of performance management:

  • Planning: linking to the department's strategic goals, creating performance expectations, gaining commitment
  • Managing: tracking, coaching, reinforcing, ongoing feedback
  • Reviewing: comparing performance to expectations, feedback, recalibrating

The Partnering for Performance philosophy links individual job performance to the attainment of Carnegie Mellon's vision, mission and goals. Partnering for Performance is a continuous process that involves managers and employees in the identification and evaluation of key job performance objectives and competencies that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. When managers take the time to provide adequate support for employees, they are laying a foundation for stronger achievement as well as just fulfilling their job description.