Carnegie Mellon University

COVID-19 Vaccination Exemptions

Consistent with federal and state law, Carnegie Mellon will consider medical or religious exemptions to any vaccine requirement for faculty and staff. If vaccination is not advised for medical reasons or conflicts with your religious belief/strong moral or ethical conviction, you can request an exemption by submitting the applicable form below. Please note that all new hires must be in compliance by the first day of employment. 

Those who are granted a vaccination exemption must comply with all applicable COVID-19 mitigation requirements including:

Please see the Minimum Requirements for the Return to Campus for details regarding the university’s current COVID-19 mitigation requirements.

Additional information is available by reviewing Frequently Asked Questions regarding vaccine requirements.

COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Forms

To submit an application for a vaccination exemption, please click on the appropriate application link below. Instructions for completing and submitting are on each form.

COVID-19 Booster Exemption Forms

Please note: If you have already received an exemption from vaccination, you are automatically exempted from the booster. However, if you are fully vaccinated and want to be exempted from the booster, you must complete the applicable form. 

COVID-19 Asymptomatic Testing Exemption Form

Employees who have an exemption from CMU’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement and who have an approved remote work arrangement with their supervisor can request an exemption from asymptomatic weekly testing for the duration of their period of remote work.