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Coronavirus News

The Office of Human Resources is supporting the university's efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the university community by keeping our staff, faculty and students informed and taking preventive measures regarding the rapidly-changing events of the coronavirus outbreak.

U.S. Campus Update

Effective until further notice

Please review the individual pages for more information and to determine whether you are eligible for these resources:

  • Temporary Amendments to PTO — Information about all temporary exceptions to the Paid Time Off policy including COVID-19 Time Off, Emergency Time Off, Use of Unearned PTO and PTO Rollover Exceptions.
  • Employee and Family Assistance Programs — Watch this brief video that highlights employee and family care resources including the Employee Assistance Program and
  • Return to Campus Safely Training (login required) — A brief training (10 minutes) designed for university community members who have been approved to return to campus. Please note that anyone can view the training but only those approved can return to campus for on-site work.
    • Once you click on this link, click enroll/launch to view.
    • The slides appear below the training and can be downloaded or printed by clicking enroll/launch.
  • Visitor and Travel Guidance — To help protect the safety and well-being of the members of the CMU community, we are adhering to strict protocols:

Please note that the following programs ended on May 31, 2020:

  • Alternative Work Marketplace
  • Development/Community Service for Staff
  • Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule

U.S. Staff Hiring Guidance

Staff Hiring Freeze and Virtual Interviewing Guidance:

Pittsburgh Campus

Effective March 16, 2020, until further notice

As announced on March 11, Carnegie Mellon University is implementing temporary new policies and practices based on social distancing strategies recommended by health experts in order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). While existing Human Resource (HR) policies and practices will continue to be in effect, we are instituting temporary exceptions to these policies and practices as described below. The temporary exceptions referenced below may be subject to change depending on evolving circumstances and will end when the university determines appropriate.     

Although the university has decided to conduct classes remotely, we remain open and are encouraging people to engage in social distancing practices. In many circumstances, university work can be performed remotely and the university encourages supervisors to consider allowing it where practicable. The guidelines below are to assist supervisors in working with employees to make these determinations and to guide changes in practice which will apply to those for whom remote work is approved.

We also recognize that there may be staff whose job responsibilities cannot be performed remotely, but who have specific health or other circumstances which may require specialized plans. Staff in such a situation should consult with their supervisors, who will work with HR on individual case-by-case resolutions.

Below are guidelines for remote work for faculty, staff and student workers for the Pittsburgh campus. Guidelines for other locations are being handled with HR in a manner that is specific to the situation in those regions.

For more information:


CMU-Q is continuously monitoring the changing COVID-19 situation and we are working hard to plan for different contingencies ensuring the health and safety of our community.

For more information:

Silicon Valley

Below are guidelines for all staff and student workers at the Silicon Valley campus to work remotely effective March 9, 2020 until further notice. All employees and student workers are expected to work directly with their supervisor regarding job expectations.

Please Note: For the campus to continue essential operations, you may be identified as an essential employee and may be expected to report to work during this time. Please work with your supervisor on these expectations and requirements.

HR contact for Silicon Valley: Jamell Mihalik, 412-268-1759