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OHR is working to meet the need for virtual tutors for children of CMU community members via the CareLink platform. Learn more about the virtual tutoring initiative

Family Care for COVID-19

The Office of Human Resources is supporting the university's decision to offer temporary child care services due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Based on recommendations from the Family Care Advisory Committee and in response to the recent Temporary Child Care Needs Survey, these services will offer families additional flexibility.

CMU faculty, staff and graduate students are eligible for new, temporary child care services. Please note that the Proctoring and Kindergarten Proctor and Play programs ended on June 11, 2021.

  • Flexible child care for children ages 12 months to five years
  • Family and child care concierge service
  • Members of the CMU community can also take advantage of virtual tutoring through CareLink, the university's service-sharing platform

Refer to the sections below to learn more, including how to register for these services. If an undergraduate student needs assistance, please contact the concierge specialists for guidance regarding alternatives.

CMU faculty, staff and graduate students are eligible for this service that provides scheduled flexible child care for ages 12 months to five years old.

Before scheduling a day and time, you must complete your registration. The registration page details the required paperwork and the process for establishing payment via payroll deduction. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a link to schedule your desired day(s) and time(s).


The family and child care concierge service is available to CMU faculty, staff and graduate students to provide information, support, guidance and education on all dependent- and care-related topics by leveraging current resources available to campus.

The concierge service can assist with finding:

  • In-home care and/or tutoring (individualized or group sharing)
  • Child care or tutor sharing groups
  • Care for a sick child
  • Online proctoring for school-aged children
  • Other child care related services as needed
  • Other types of family care (elder, pet, home, etc.)


As children continue to learn remotely or in a hybrid model, many are in need of extra support with their school work. Therefore, parents, our faculty and staff members, are in need of tutoring services — primarily virtual — for their children.

The Office of Human Resources has launched a virtual tutoring initiative in partnership with CareLink. CareLink is a platform that allows talented members of our community to share their services with others in need of help.

There are many members of the CMU community — primarily students, but also faculty and staff — who are offering these services right now. To view these virtual tutoring profiles, log in to CareLink and click “Find Help” at that top right. From there, click “Search Profiles” to view current CMU community members offering tutoring services.

Can’t find what you need? You can always post a specific job by clicking on the “Post a Job” link within the “Find Help” tab. CareLink is also a way to find help for your other needs — babysitting, house care, pet care, etc. CareLink is a way for our community to connect, support one another, and embrace our shared talent. Visit CareLink today for more information.