Carnegie Mellon University

First Day Essentials

Get started in your new role at Carnegie Mellon by completing your onboarding and getting to know more about what is expected of you in the first days of your new position.

  1. Check in with your supervisor to confirm your office or workspace assignment.
  2. Verify that you have the technology you need to do your job — the hardware, software and access. If not, work with Computing Services or your department's desktop support representative to get set up.
  3. Verify that your phone functions properly and set up your voicemail. Refer to Computing Services' Telephony and Conferencing site for instructions.
  4. Complete any outstanding onboarding tasks in Workday — refer to the HR CMUWorks Service Center's Onboarding Checklist for a complete list of required tasks.
  5. Visit the HR CMUWorks Service Center to complete your I-9 Form.
  6. If you are assigned to work on certain federal contracts, you may be required to verify your employment eligibility using E-Verify.
  7. If your position requires you to interact with minors, obtain the background clearances required by Pennsylvania Act 153.
  8. Visit The Hub to get your CMU ID Card. The card will serve as your PAT transit pass and grant you entry to secure buildings on campus.
  9. Meet with your supervisor to discuss job-specific onboarding and expectations for the first days and weeks, as well as departmental expectations and norms.
  10. Take a campus tour geared to CMU employees. (A campus tour is also offered during New Hire Orientation.)

  11. Learn more about Success Strategies as you assume your new role.