Carnegie Mellon University


Rethinking Leadership

Are you a leader? Do you take ownership in your work? Is it your goal to contribute to our community in a positive way? Do you have ideas and suggestions about how to make improvements? Are you willing to help a colleague with a task or challenge?

If so, we think you are a leader. Regardless of your role and responsibilities, you can contribute to your organization as a leader.

Embracing Leadership

Whatever the setting, you can develop or fine tune your leadership abilities. In fact, by adopting a mindset of practice and reflection within your daily tasks you begin to reap the greatest development benefits. We have developed two resources to assist you in achieving your leadership development goals:

The Leadership Development Portfolio

The Leadership Development Portfolio is a tool designed for individuals who aspire to be leaders or those already in leadership roles. Leadership is a hands-on responsibility and this portfolio allows you to use your experiences as a leader to gain insights, build skill and achieve success as a leader.

The Leadership Connection

Are you working to develop as a leader or improve your leadership abilities? The Leadership Connection is a program designed to develop leadership skills utilizing a ten-competency model as a strategic framework. Begin by attending the Leadership Connection workshop in which you will explore leadership competencies, establish leadership development goals and then develop a leadership development plan. As part of your plan, we encourage you to attend Professional Development Services workshops that align with your leadership goals and interests.

Contact Professional Development Services to learn more about these resources.