Carnegie Mellon University

CMULead — Qatar

Leadership Development for Staff Members at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

In January 2024, CMU-Q launched a pilot of the CMULead program. This initiative, designed to cultivate leadership skills among staff members, closely aligns with the domestic CMULead program in its goals, desired outcomes and nomination criteria.

Through a blend of engaging virtual and in-person sessions, participants will delve into a diverse range of leadership topics, equipping them with valuable knowledge and practical tools. The program culminates in a celebratory graduation ceremony in April 2024.

Program Overview

Date Mode Session Theme
Jan 15 In person

Welcome and Introductions
Keynote address, program goals and overview, introduce project work

Jan 16 In person Self Awareness for Effective Leadership
DiSC assessment review, Foundations of Leadership, Leadership
beyond Titles
Jan 29 Virtual Emotional Intelligence
Understanding Emotional Intelligence and review of EQ
assessment results
Feb 12 Virtual Continuous Improvement
Failing Forward and Building Resilience, Embracing Failure as a
Learning Opportunity
Feb 26 Virtual

Effective Delegation and Empowerment
Delegation Decision Matrix, Building Rapport and Setting Expectations

Mar 25 In person

Building a Positive Team Culture
Team dynamics, creating a positive culture; employee engagement, managing an effective and engaged workforce

Mar 26 In person

Productive and Difficult conversations
Active listening and empathy, constructive communication strategies, resolving conflict effectively

Apr 22 Virtual

Intercultural communications
Civil treatment, fundamentals of intercultural communication and cultural competence

Apr 29 In person

Project Presentations and Graduation
Ongoing professional development and strategic thinking, project presentations, graduation and certificate ceremony