Carnegie Mellon University


Leadership Development for Staff

As Carnegie Mellon University continues to be one of the world's leading research universities, a commitment to our staff members' professional development becomes ever more important. Our interdisciplinary, diverse and entrepreneurial culture creates a dynamic and exciting organization within which to grow leadership experience. The CMULead program aims to prepare our talented and dedicated staff to take on leadership roles that will ensure our university is in good hands well into the future.

  • Foster professional development experiences for current and potential leaders at CMU that focus on increased engagement and understanding of what it means to be part of a world-renowned research institution
  • Create avenues for interaction and learning with faculty, senior leaders and other staff to share leading practices, transfer institutional knowledge, and encourage mentorship and partnership as core values
  • Promote proactive and responsible stewardship of the university's resources, processes and policies
  • Educate leaders on the mission, vision and strategic goals of the university and how these are operationalized into everything we do
  • Build a strong sense of community and long-term commitment to being part of the university's future
  • Develop fundamental and inclusive leadership skills including what it means to have a leadership brand; how to effectively motivate and inspire others to do great work; and how to be committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse environment for all staff to thrive
  • Learn and demonstrate key leadership abilities related to team building, coaching, collaborating, improving processes and leading strategically
  • Understand the strategic and operational aspects of Carnegie Mellon including strategic planning, operational programs and services alignment, budgeting and financial administration, assessment and continuous improvement;
  • Demonstrate effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of becoming mentors to others at the university
Early to mid-March Socialize program with key leadership groups including Staff Council, ALG, ULC, etc.
Late March through April Solicit nominations and review nominations
May Confirm nominations
Early to mid-June Program Orientation and Retreat
Mid to late July

Session 1 (two separate days)

Mid to late August Session 2 (two separate days)
Mid to to late September Session 3 (two separate days)
Mid to late October Session 4 (two separate days)
Early November Session 5 - Graduation

The nomination period is open through mid January with 30 spots available to staff who meet the following requirements:

  • Nominated by a member of the University Leadership Council
  • At least five years of experience in field of work with at least one full year of employment at CMU
  • Demonstrated leadership potential through supervising direct reports, taking on volunteer or leadership roles at the university, community leadership experience or prior leadership roles in other organizations
  • Significant contributions to the university in current role
  • Consistently meets or exceeds expectations for performance at CMU
  • Supervisory approval for release time to participate in the program