Carnegie Mellon University

McCall MacBain Scholarships

Fully funds study towards an eligible master's degree in a variety of fields at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The McCall MacBain Scholarship covers tuition and fees, a living expenses stipend, and a relocation grant.

Seniors, alumni under age 30, and alumni who completed their bachelor's degree no more than 5 years ago are eligible to apply. Applicants must meet GPA (and other) requirements of their target program at McGill. McCall MacBain does not have any citizenship requirements; all current Carnegie Mellon students and recent alumni are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Students must also apply to their selected master's degree program at McGill University separately.

Applicants are judged on five criteria:

  1. exceptional character
  2. community engagement
  3. leadership potential
  4. entrepreneurial spirit
  5. academic strength and intellectual curiosity


Current students and recent graduates (within 3 years) must be endorsed by their university (but alumni who graduated more than 3 years ago do not require university endorsement). Carnegie Mellon can only endorse a limited number of candidates for this award. To be considered for endorsement, applicants must submit all application materials directly to by the required campus deadline (including recommendation letters, which should be sent directly by the writers rather than the applicant).