Carnegie Mellon University

Requirements for Jennings Brave Companions Award

If awarded a Jennings Brave Companions Scholarship, please read the requirements below before accepting your award.  Students will be subject to ALL requirements below:

- Your abroad experience must be at least 4 weeks (28 days or more) in the summer after sophomore or junior year.

-All Jennings students must attend a predeparture orientation sponsored by the Office of International Education (OIE), under Before You Go.

-All Jennings students must complete a follow-on project when they return from their study abroad program.  The project can be either service-oriented or research-oriented.

Awardees must:

  • submit the details of their program and their costs to the OURSD
  • meet to discuss your follow-on project with Richelle Bernazzoli, Director, by March 30th 
  • submit a final folow-on proposal in October
  • complete the follow-on project during the Spring semester
  • students who do reseaerch-based projects will present at the annual research symposium, Meeting of the Minds, in May after their abroad experience; awardees must attend the current year’s Meeting of the Minds.
  • students who do service-based projects will determine potential deliverables in consultation with the OURSD.
  • keep a blog of their experience and reflections while abroad. A link to the blog will be made available on the OURSD website.
  • participate in various events sponsored by the Office of International Education (OIE) and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholar Development (OURSD)
  • sign a Letter of Agreement and submit it to the OURSD

We will also be in touch with you to write a note to Larry Jennings and his family in the Fall, for their generosity in establishing this fund.  Mr.  Jennings may also want to meet with you, as he comes to campus often and serves as a Trustee.