Carnegie Mellon University

Jennings Family Brave Companions Winners


Camille Bove, Music (Argentina, IFSA Summer)
Sofia Cordoba Valencia, History (Philippines, Kaya Responsible Travel)


Isabel Brum, Neuroscience (Kenya, School for International Training)
Jamie Espinosa, Architecture (Argentina, CES Abroad)
Veronique Wright, Biological Sciences (Morocco, Kaya Medical Internship)


Jordan Katz, Drama (India, Documentary Outreach - Actuality Media)
Victoria Lugo, Business Administration (Thailand, International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ))
Maria Plasencia, Social & Decision Sciences (South Africa, Connect 1-2-3)
Monica Sifuentes, Economics (Costa Rica, Global Experiences)
James Summers, Business Administration (South Africa, SIT South Africa: Social Justice and Activism Internship)


Theresa Abalos, Flute & Global Studies (Argentina, Spanish Studies Abroad, Summer Term)
Henri Fitzmaurice, Drama (Vietnam, Center for Study Abroad (CSA) - Vietnam National University)
Krystal Jackson, Physics (Thailand, Education Abroad Network: Summer in Thailand)
Bryce Orloski, Mathematics (Chile, ISA: Spanish Language and Latin American Studies)
Arielle Spikes, Social & Decision Science (South Africa, Connect 1-2-3)


Olanrewaju Adetola, Global Systems & Management, Art (Ecuador, CISabroad Summer in Ecuador)
Amber James, Technical Writing (Guatemala, International Volunteer Headquarters)
Paloma Sierra-Hernandez, Creative Writing and Drama (Buenos Aires, SOL Education Abroad in Argentina)
Colin Tait, EHPP and Music (Jordan, CIEE Summer Arabic Language Program)


Kaoon Ban, Psychology (Costa Rica, ISA Spanish Languate & Latin American Culture)
Daryl Bright, Drama (Tanzania, Dramatic Adventure Theatre's ACTion)
Amanda Thiele, Psychology (Ghana, Cross Cultural Solutions)


Iris Beaumier, Drama (Indonesia. Operation Wallacea)
Melanie Diaz, English/Global Studies (Mexico, Central College Abroad: Studies in Global Health)
Madeline Finn, Art (Cuba, Tulane Summer in Cuba)
Bridget Hunt-Tobey, Biological Sciences (South Africa, CEA Human Rights, Conflict Management & Service Learning)
Jose Veintimilla, Mechanical Engineering (Argentina, Connect 1-2-3 Internship)


Juan Acosta, Global Studies (Brazil, ISA Universidad de Sol de Santa Catarina)
Natalie Giannangeli, Global Studies (Cuba, API, Universidad de la Havana)
Kaytie Nielsen, Creative Writing (Senegal, CIEE Summer Senegalese Studies Program)
Jenine Nembhard, Biology & Psychology (South Africa, African Impact) 


Collin Cherubim, Chemistry (Indonesia, Operation Wallacea)
Seijean Gahng, Social & Decision Sciences (China, SISU)
Nina Mast, Social & Decision Sciences (Jordan. CIEE Summer Arabic Language Program)
Angel Nonye-John, Social & Decision Sciences (Cuba, USAC Universidad de San Geronimo) (tumblr password "havana")
Gabrielle West, English (Buenos Aires, CIS Abroad) 


Adelaide Agyemang, Art/Philosophy (Ghana, University of Nevada, University of Ghana at Legon)
Ashley Brienza, Biomedical Engineering/Materials Science Engineering (Zambia, Africa Impact)
Vivian Chang, Biophysics/Hispanic Studies (Costa Rica, Modern Language Study Abroad, Univ. de Costa Rica)
Sara Faradji, History (South Africa, Interstudy University of KwaZulu Natal)
Sara Mouhktar, English/Psychology (South Africa, Connect 1-2-3)


Kimby Josephson, Modern Languages & SHS (Buenos Aires, Road 2 Argentina)

"The Jenning's scholarship allowed me to spend eight fabulous weeks in Buenos Aires. I took language classes, interned with the Argentine chapter of Transparency International, and lived with a wonderful family of porteños. Over a few extended weekends, I ventured to nearby Uruguay, the famous Iguazu Falls, and the Andes to the west, but most of my time was spent exploring the overwhelming metropolis. While living amid the political hub of Argentina and one of the cultural capitals of South America, I got to know the nocturnal, confrontational, vivacious Argentine way of life. Less than 30 years after a brutal military dictatorship forced the disappearance of 30,000 people, I am now studying how this fascinating population has rebounded from tragedy to demanding justice and recovering the identities of the disappeared."

Prisca Ohito, Humanities and Arts
 (Brazil, Rythum of Hope Volunteer Program)

"Hello! My name is Prisca Ohito and I was a Jennings Brave Companions Fund award recipient. With that award, I went to Salvador, Brazil. I had never been outside the US before, especially alone, and immediately faced many challenges. This was especially hard when I had to talk Portuguese. Yet, the experience continues to inspire me, even during my current Portuguese classes.

During that time in the northeast state of Bahia, I also began to work on my SURG project. Although this project has changed quite a bit, ultimately I see this artistic SURG project -- incorporating monoprinting, maps, and my memories -- as a way to process this incredible experience.  Also, during those 5 weeks of travel, I volunteered to teach 8 Brazilian young men supplementary English lessons in Pelourinho. This experience certainly changed and sometimes reinforced ideas I had about national, gendered, and class-based divisions."

Photos by Kimby Josephson
mafalda  andes


Karalyn Baca, Modern Languages (Brazil)
Aliesha Jones, English