Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome to the Fellowships and Scholarships Office

The Fellowships and Scholarships Office (FSO) works with current Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students in fulfilling their intellectual and professional goals by pursuing nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.  We promote awareness of external scholarship and fellowship opportunities, advising, writing support, overall management of the process, and interview preparation.

For information about fellowships and scholarships related to financial aid, please visit The Carnegie Mellon Financial Aid Scholarship site.

What are fellowships and scholarships?
Fellowships and scholarships are competitive, merit-based monetary awards that support a wide range of purposeful activities.  These include:

  • Research
  • Internships
  • Projects
  • Study Abroad

Who is eligible?
Eligibility depends on the particular award.  More detail is available in the descriptions and links to each award.

Who does the FSO work with?
Carnegie Mellon's FSO works primarily with current enrolled undergraduates and also with alumni.  For current graduate students, there are some specific awards the the FSO will help facilitate: Knight Hennessey, Fulbright, Soros, Luce, Hertz and Schwarzman.

What kind of support does the FSO provide?
Within the parameters of each scholarship, we advise students on each award and help them navigate the range of choices.  We work with students on various iterations of their applications and oversee the process, including letters of recommendation.  Where appropriate, we will manage a campus selection process.  If students are selected for an interview as part of the scholarship competition, we will help prepare them and organize campus committees for mock interviews.

How do I get started?
Read through the award descriptions and make a list of which you'd like to pursue. Then make an appointment with an FSO representative.