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Recent Carnegie Mellon Fulbright Recipients

These are some recent Carnegie Mellon students and alumni who received Fulbright Awards.  Visit the Fulbright's U.S. Fellows Directory for more Carnegie Mellon Recipients.


Katelyn Croft, Music '20

Jonathan Fritz, Physics and German Studies, '20
Germany ETA

Victoria Reiter, Global, Hispanic, and Chinese Studies, '20
Columbia ETA

Stefan Romero, Social & Political History, '19
University of Glasgow Masters

Vaidehi Srinivas, Computer Science, '20
Austria Combined

Namita Thomas, Biological Sciences, '20
India ETA


Siddharth Annaldasula, Computational Biology, '19

Yoobin Chee, Psychology, '19
South Korea

Bronwyn Donohue, Directing, '18

Jessica Jue, Biological Sciences, '19
Taiwan ETA

Erin Kavanaugh, Chemistry, '19

Travis Stahl, Public Policy & Management, '19
Vietnam ETA


Isabel Bleimeister, Cognitive Neuroscience, '18

Zhiwan Cheung, Fine Arts, '16

Amal Nanavati, Computer Science and Global Studies, '18

Theodore Teichman, Neurobiology and Music Composition, '18

Louise Zhou, Business Administration, '17
South Korea ETA


Melanie Diaz, English and Global Studies '17
Spain ETA

Timothy Gao, Biological Sciences '17
Taiwan ETA

Emily Joyce, International Relations and Politics; Hispanic Studies '17

Kayla Lee, Global Studies and Hispanic Studies '17
Ecuador ETA

Rudina Morina, Electrical and Computer Engineering '17

Philip Nantawisarakul, Biological Sciences '17


Laura Berry, Creative Writing and Japanese Studies '16

Daniel Fonner, Master of Arts Management '16
United Kingdom

Chelsea Kolb, Civil and Environmental Engineering '18
Costa Rica

Lauren Mobertz, Professional Writing '12


Juan Acosta, Hispanic Studies and Global Studies '15
Brazil ETA

Alexandria Hernandez, Global Studies '15
India ETA

Sara Kelly, Chemical Engineering '15

Erin Kiekhaefer, Global Studies '15

Jacob Klingensmith, Computer Science and Architecture '15
Malaysia ETA

Carolyn Kras, Dramatic Writing '10
United Kingdom

Tegan McDuffie, Drama '13

Veda Sun, Art '15


Alexa Beaver, Chemical Engineering '10

Rachel Kuhn, Global Studies '14
Germany ETA

Nina Mast, International Relations and Politics '14
Turkey ETA

Paulina Reyes, Architecture '14

Gabriella Rueda, Global Studies '13
Brazil ETA

Mackenzie Evan Smith, Creative Writing '11
Montenegro ETA


Christian Aponte, Global Studies '13
Brazil ETA

Sarah Ceurvorst, BXA, Art & Psychology '13
Thailand ETA

Missy Dunaway, BHA, Painting '10

Kimberly Josephson, International Relations & Politics '13
Brazil ETA

Carolyn Supinka, BXA, Creative Writing & Fine Arts '13

Minghui Zhang, Chemical Engineering '13


Jessica Goodman, EHPP & Vocal '12

Aaron Jentzen, Professional Writing '12

Kathryn Kukla, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering '12
United Kingdom

Robert Morhard, Material Sciences Engineering '12

Rima Patel, Chemistry & Hispanic Studies '12

Judith Savitskaya, Computational Biology '12
United Kimgdom

Hester Simons, History '12

John Weigel, History '12


Eda Akyar, Material Sciences Engineering '12
Malaysia ETA

Steven Aro, Chemistry '11

Adam Conkey, Math '11

Eleanor Erney, Business & International Relations '12

Jane Herriman, Chemistry '11

Adam Jaffe, Piano '07

Anna Lenhart, Civil Engineering '12

Cynthia Peng, Psychology & International Relations '12

Mackenzie Smith, Creative Writing '12
Vietnam ETA

Mariana Sofman, Material Sciences & Biomedical Engineering '12

James Southard, Fine Arts '11


Nathan Hall, M.M, Music Composition '08
Nathan will create a music installation based upon his first-hand experiences of
sights, sounds, interviews and impressions of people and places of Iceland.

Megan Larcom, Business Administration & Global Politics '10
Megan will be in the Suez Canal University in Ismailia, Egypt where she will teach English while working on a research project.

James Harrell, HS '10
James will be teaching English and conduct a research project on the Roma minority in Hungary.


Gregory Newby, Biological Science '09
Gregory will conduct research at the Biochemistry Institute of the University of Zurich in Switzerland. He will be working in the laboratory of Professor Andreas Plückthun to create a molecular, fluorescent sensor to monitor protein modifications made inside living cells.

Ally Reeves, MFA '08
Ally will conduct research and create installation art in Mumbai, India, in collaboration with Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR), an initiative that contributes to global debate about urbanization and globalization. Her work will examine the visual representation of street vendors in popular media from the 19th century to today.

Julia Stein, BHA '08
Julia will pursue several artistic endeavors in Helsinki, Finland. She will enroll in the Master of Arts Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies at Theatre Academy Helsinki.
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John Pena, MFA '08
John Pena, who received a Master of Fine Arts [May 2008], will explore the intersection between arts and language education while teaching in Colombia. He may be best known on Carnegie Mellon’s campus and throughout the region for delivering hand-written letters through the “Pittsburgh Pedal Express” with co-founder and MFA student Ally Reeves.
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Jonathan Minard, Art, Consciousness & Environment BHA '07
Jonathan Minard, a 2007 graduate of the Bachelor of Humanities and Arts program, will conduct artistic research in Mongolia. He plans to make audio recordings of music, nature, religious rituals and everyday life as he travels throughout the North Western Altai region. These recordings will be available on a Web blog.
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William Schlough, Fine Art & Psychology BA '07
William Schlough, a 2007 graduate with a major in fine art, will study sculpture in Iceland. He plans to research and explore the relationship between Icelandic culture and the country’s natural landscapes.
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Rebecca Shore, Architecture '08
Rebecca Shore, a 2008 graduate with a major in architecture and minor in business management, will study at Germany’s Cologne University of Applied Sciences. She will attend a two-year master’s degree program in architecture focused on energy-optimizing building. Shore is no stranger to Germany or sustainable building practices. As a member of Carnegie Mellon’s 2007 Solar Decathlon Team, she visited Germany to collaborate on building designs with students from the Technische Universitat Darmstadt.
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Rebecca Snyder, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering '08
Rebecca Snyder, a 2008 graduate with majors in materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering, will conduct research at Nanyang Technical Institute in Singapore. Following her Fulbright experience, Snyder will pursue a Ph.D. in bioengineering at Stanford University.
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Rashi Venkataraman, Biological Sciences/EHPP '08
Rashi Vankataraman, a 2008 graduate with a dual major in biology and ethics, and history and public policy, will travel to Indonesia. In addition to her English teaching assistantship, she plans to conduct research on international public health, an extension of her three years as a health educator intern at Carnegie Mellon’s Student Health Services.
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Gautam Gandhi, Tepper MBA '04
business practices and entrepreneurship in India
Gautam Gandhi (B.S. Information and Decision Systems; Industrial Management, 1996) has received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to travel to India and study the rapid industrialization of that nation's economy and the effects on Indian society. While he was an MBA student in the Tepper School of Business, Gandhi co-authored a business plan for a medical device startup and received the Hewlett-Packard Grand Prize at Rice University's annual business plan competition. Gandhi's graduate school project led him to co-found ClearCount Medical Solutions, a medical device company focused on improving patient safety by preventing medical tools and supplies from being left in the body after surgery through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Gandhi earned his MBA from Tepper in 2004.
Press Release

Sarah Rubin, Rhetoric, MA '07
Hong Kong ETA
Sarah Rubin, earned her master's in rhetoric in May 2007, was been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Hong Kong. Her research focused on the role of Hong Kong's public radio network in establishing a deliberative democracy that encourages citizen participation in civic affairs.
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Justin Hakuta,  SDS/Spanish, B.S. '04
NGOs Combating Human Trafficking in the Philippines
Justin Hakuta, a 2004 Carnegie Mellon graduate, received a Fulbright scholarship that will fund his field study in the Philippines. Sponsored by the U.S. government, the Fulbright scholarship is awarded to exceptional graduate students, educators and professionals to foster the program's goal of promoting greater understanding between cultures of the world. Hakuta earned a bachelor's degree in decision science with a minor in Spanish at Carnegie Mellon. "Justin was one of the first students in our new major in decision science," said Baruch Fischhoff, the Howard Heinz University Professor of Social and Decision Sciences and Engineering and Public Policy. "As one of our program pioneers, he helped to shape the major through his strong performance and leadership. He has a passion for life and justice."
Press Release
Justin's blog dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and exploring solutions.
Read or watch Justin as he shares his experience with Fulbright.

Bum Lee,  Art, '06
South Korea
Exploring the State of Cultural Exchange in South Korea Through Animation
Bum Lee, a senior in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Korea.
Press Release
Article on Bum's work
Bum's website


Alisha Bhagat, Anthropology & History '05
Islamic Feminist Movement in India
Alisha Bhagat, a graduate with majors in anthropology and history and a minor in materials science and engineering, received a Fulbright Grant to work on her project on Islamic feminism in India.
Carnegie Mellon Today Article

John Oduroe, Architecture '03
Value, Culture and Responsibility: Architecture and Inner-city Revitalization


Amanda Bougades, MSPPM '06
International Conflict Analysis
Amanda Bougades, document manager in the Office of International Education, has been awarded a Fulbright grant to attend the Brussels School of International Studies in Belgium where she will earn a master's degree in international conflict analysis. She is planning a career in human rights and peace advocacy. Bougades is enrolled in the Heinz School's Master of Science and Public Policy program.

Takahiro Noguchi, MFA '03
Call Centers in India that Cater to Clientele in the United States
Takahiro Noguchi, an artist who received his MFA from Carnegie Mellon in 2003, won a Fulbright Award to study in India. Noguchi, whose work combines public art and technology, works at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The Fulbright will enable him to explore the relationship between information technology workers in India (mainly those working in call centers) and end-users living in the U.S.

*The information here was obtained from prior Carnegie Mellon University press releases, publications and announcements including the 8.5x11, Carnegie Mellon Today, The Piper, and department websites.