Carnegie Mellon University

Parental and Family Leaves of Absence

Faculty Parental Leave of Absence Application


To be eligible for faculty parental leave you must be a regular faculty member, the parent of a newborn child or the adoptive parent of a child of pre-school age, and the primary care-giver of the child.

Eligible faculty members are entitled to a one semester paid leave of absence with regular salary and benefits. Additional information about faculty parental leave is available in the Faculty Parental Leave Policy.

To be eligible for faculty family leave you must be a faculty member and the primary caregiver of a child or other dependent during the period of leave.

Faculty family leave may be taken for up to one year. Ordinarily, family leave is taken for one semester or one year. Faculty family leave may be taken on a “full” or “partial” basis. Faculty on “full” family leave have no teaching, research, or administrative duties and receive no salary. Faculty on “partial” family leave have a reduced workload and receive a comparable reduction in salary.