Carnegie Mellon University

Departmental Seminar Series

Fall 2012

Fridays, 11:00 am in Wean Hall 7500

Date Speaker & Location Title
September 7 Dr. Gregory Rohrer
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
September 14 Dr. Krishna Rajan
Iowa State University
“Discovering Materials Science through Data Science”
September 21 Dr. Edwin Kramer
University of California, Santa Barbara

“Melting” by Thermal Generation of Dislocation: The Fundamental Physical Limit to Directed Assembly of Block Copolymer Monolayers

September 28 Dr. Oana Cazacu
University of Florida

“Tension-compression asymmetry effects on damage in low-symmetry metallic materials”

October 5 Celildh Weekend NO SEMINAR
October 12 Dr. Harold Hwang
Stanford University
"Emergent Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces"
October 19 Mid-Semester Break NO SEMINAR
October 26 Dr. Donald Brown
Argonne National Laboratory
"In-Situ Reversion of Metastable w-Zirconium During Heating and Straining"
November 2 Dr. Xudong Wang
University of Wisconsin
"3D nanowire arcitectures and piezotronic effort for efficient (photo)electrochemical hydrogen evolution"
November 9

Dr. Craig Fennie
Cornell University

"Why are there so few perovskite ferroelectrics? A path to new multifuctional materials"
November 16 Dr. Arthur Heuer
Case Western Reserve University
"On the Growth of Al2O3 Scales"
November 23 Thanksgiving Break NO SEMINAR
November 30 Dr. Catherine Jenkins
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Magnetism and materials at the synchrotron"
December 7 TBA