Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Curriculum

Based on the broad range of destinations for graduates of the MSE program, our curriculum is designed to combine a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills of MSE with a modern liberal education, i.e., one that inculcates a thoughtful, problem-solving approach to professional life. In addition to the primary major, several double major programs are available. All of our undergraduates are encouraged to participate in the current research programs of the faculty, and most do. The curriculum culminates in the Capstone Project, where students work in teams with industrial partners to solve real world problems.

Highlights of the B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering

  • The core includes the Materials in Engineering course (27-100). The core also includes 18 units of lab, and 12 units of the senior year Capstone course.
  • The five free electives in the primary major will allow students to take a minor in a different subject. EPP and Biomedical Engineering additional majors allocate all free elective units to the second major.
  • Students take a total of 36 units of MSE Restricted Electives and 9 units of Technical Electives.
  • Out-of-department students can take one of three minors in the MSE department: Electronic materials designated minor, Mechanical behavior of materials designated minor, or the Materials Science and Engineering minor.

Undergraduate degrees and options for minors in the College of Engineering (CIT)