Carnegie Mellon University

Dual Degree Programs

The College of Engineering offers two dual degree Master's programs attractive to students with an engineering background. The requirements for each degree must be satisfied and students will receive two degrees after completing the program.

Master of Science in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management (E&TIM) program offers students with technical backgrounds exposure to technology innovation and management.

The Engineering and Technology Innovation Management (E&TIM) MS program builds upon the technical strengths of engineers and scientists by providing frameworks to lead, foster, and manage technical innovation. This unique, cross-cutting approach allows students to develop capabilities for leading innovation while growing and leveraging their own areas of technical expertise. Overall, E&TIM equips students to drive value creation from technical innovation based on their understanding of technical concepts, innovation management fundamentals and real world implications.

The core of the E&TIM program emphasizes the fundamentals of innovation management in theory and practice. Electives, chosen in conjunction with a faculty advisor, enable students to focus the program to their technical interests and to specific topics in technology innovation management processes, policies or organizations. The flexible E&TIM dual degree option is a two-year program that “sandwiches" the ETIM MS between the fall and spring semesters of one of six traditional CIT MS programs.In addition, a required summer internship project will provide hands-on corporate experience in E&TIM.

Students would apply to the E&TIM Dual Degree program when applying to the Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (Course Option) degree program that includes 96-units of coursework.  

Master of Science in Technology Ventures (MSTV) 

from the Integrated Innovation Institute equips engineers with the tools and skills needed to bring high tech ideas to market.The MSTV dual degree is a two-year program that allows CMU students to obtain their master’s degree in a traditional engineering program and our Master of Science in Technology Ventures. Students enrolled in the dual degree program gain a deeper knowledge of emerging technology and skills to succeed in the entrepreneurial marketplace including in Silicon Valley, arguably the world’s most exciting and lucrative environment for new venture creation.

After fulfilling the requirements of their master's degree offered by one of our partner departments in the College of Engineering, MSTV dual degree students will participate in a Silicon Valley-based internship and fulfill two academic semesters learning about tech transfer and entrepreneurship at our campus in Mountain View, CA.