Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Alumni

Clifford Brangwynne
Clifford Brangwynne, (B.S.2001)
Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Princeton University
Recipient of 2018 MacArthur Fellowship
photo credit: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation                               

Candace Matthews (photo courtesy of Amway)
Candace Matthews, (B.S.1981)
Regional President - The Americas
CMU News feature - summer 2018                                             
photo courtesy of Amway

Matt Simone
Matt Simone
, (MSE/BME B.S.2006)
Manager of Innovation
CIT news feature - summer 2018

  Bill Slye, (B.S.1992, M.S.1995, Ph.D.2000)
  Global Director-Product Development,
  Carpenter Technology Corporation
  MSE news feature - fall 2016

  Elise Hall, (B.S.2014)
  Mechanical Engineer, Adidas
  CMU news feature - summer 2016

  James Rogers, (B.S.2007)
  CEO, Apeel Sciences
  CMU news feature - winter 2015

  Kelly Collier, (B.S.2011)
  Founder and CEO, ActivAided Orthotics
  BME news feature - summer 2014

  Lane W. Martin, (B.S.2003)
  Principal Investigator, The Prometheus Group
  MSE news feature - spring 2014