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antkowski-staff-mse-oct19Marygrace Antkowski
Faculty Assistant
REH 138
Faculty Assistant to: Robert Davis, Marc De Graef, David Laughlin, Michael McHenry,  Lisa Porter, Paul Salvador, Marek Skowronski, Elias Towe
Point of Contact: MSE News and Website information

Matthew J. CabralMatthew J. Cabral
Post-Doctoral Researcher,
Materials Characterization Facilities
REH 149
Point of Contact:
materials characterization facilities, transmission electron microscopy, SEM-FIB, sample preparation, training/support for TEMs, FIBs, and sample preparation facilities.
Technical Support: Electron microscopy equipment, sample preparation equipment, student training and assistance.

clark_2016Betsy Clark, Ph.D.
Interim Supervisor,
Materials Characterization Facilities
REH 134
Point of Contact: Materials Xharacterization Facilities, X-Ray facilities specialist, Training/Access to X-Ray facilities
Technical Support: MSE undergraduate labs, XRD, microscopy equipment, AFM, student training and assistance

crockett_2017David Crockett
Senior IT Support Consultant
WEH 3301
Point of Contact: Information technology, network access assistance, ID card registration for seminar attendance and lab equipment acccess, MS suite software, personal computer support, access to poster printer

15eckman_2017Roxann Martin Eckman
Program Assistant
Center for Iron & Steelmaking Research (CISR)
WEH 4321
Faculty Assistant to: Michael Bockstaller, Adam Feinberg, Richard Fruehan, Ted Massalski, Chris Pistorius, Vincent Sokalski, Bryan Webler

flaherty-staff-mse-oct19Daniel Flaherty
Materials Characterization Facilities
REH 141
Point of Contact: materials characterization facilities, training/support for AFMs, TEMs
Technical Support: microscopy equipment, AFM equipment, student training and assistance

Paige HouserPaige Houser
Senior Academic Advisor
WEH 3317
Point of Contact: MSE undergraduate & masters academic advising

Jeanna PekarcikJeanna Pekarcik
Graduate Admissions
WEH 3309
Faculty Assistant to: Chris Bettinger, Warren Garrison, Robert Heard, Elizabeth Holm, Mohammad Islam, Noa Marom, Anthony Rollett
Point of Contact: MSE graduate admissions

William PingitoreWilliam Pingitore
Facilities Supervisor,
Undergraduate Laboratory
DH A305A
Technical Support: MSE undergraduate labs, training, access to materials, testing & processing equipment

Justin PuglisiJustin Puglisi
Assistant Director & Academic Advisor
Energy Science, Technology & Policy MS Program
SH 5120C
Point of Contact: EST&P application and admission, new student onboarding

Angela PusateriAngela Pusateri
Financial Assistant
WEH 3323A
Point of Contact: Workday System, financials: purchase orders

Brett RialeBrett Riale
Facilities Coordinator
WEH 3301
Point of Contact: hazardous waste and laboratory safety, building issues, maintenance, phones/telecom
Technical Support: various equipment support including chillers, furnaces, power supplies, optical microscopes, etc.

Kelly RockensteinKelly Rockenstein
WEH 3325
Faculty Assistant to: Emeritus Prof. Paul Wynblatt
Point of Contact: key distribution, MSE Graduate Student Seminar Series, shipping & receiving, Buyer - office supplies, room reservations, D-list updates for MSE students/researchers

Suzanne SmithSuzanne Smith
Administration & Student Affairs
WEH 3323
Point of Contact: alumni, course support, department head support, event planning, graduation, Ph.D. program support, registration issues, staff issues, undergraduate program support, visas, visitor support

solotky-staff-mse-oct19Logan Solotky
Materials Characterization Facilities
REH 141
Point of Contact: materials characterization facilities, undergraduate characterization facility, Training/Access to undergraduate characterization equipment
Technical Support: MSE undergraduate labs, microscopy equipment, AFM equipment, student training and assistance

Anthony TalottaAnthony Talotta
Business Manager
WEH 3319