Carnegie Mellon University

TEM Training Course

All TEM users are required to enroll and pass the MSE graduate course 27-741 “Practical Methods in Transmission Electron Microscopy” offered each Spring semester. Students enrolled in this course learn electron scattering theory, all practical approaches for imaging and spectroscopic analysis, while also covering the underlying physics, and literature reviews along with in-class discussions on TEM sample preparation and analysis strategies specific to each enrolled student’s research project. The course also features intensive hands-on labs for learning all necessary steps for standard TEM operation. We require students to pass this course in order to be a certified, independent user of the JEOL 2000EX TEM, the “entry-level” TEM at MCF.  At the conclusion of this course, any student can then independently operate the JEOL 2000EX as well as pursue individual training with MCF staff in order to gain access and certification for the other TEMs at MCF (Tecnai F20 and Titan 80-300), depending on their research needs and objectives.