Fall 2006-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Departmental Seminar Series

Fall 2006

Date Speaker Title
September 1 NO SEMINAR  
September 8 Professor Greg Rohrer, Department Head
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
September 15 Christopher Roberts
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Grain Growth and Stagnation in a Nickel Alloy: A Computational and Experimental Perspective
September 22 Professor Frans Spaepen
Harvard University
Simulating Atomic-Scale Phenomena with Colloids
September 29 TBA  
October 6 Dr. Ricardo A. Lebensohn
Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Formulation Based on Fast Fourier Transforms for the Prediction of Micromechanical Behavior and Microstructure Evolution of Plasticity Deformed 3D Polycrystals
October 13 Dr. Myrjam Winning
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
October 20 David Berry
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Ultrahigh Density Magnetic Recording Media: Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagrams for the A1 to L10 Transformation in FePt and FeCuPt Thin Films
October 27 Professor Robert Sekerka
Carnegie Mellon, Physics
Effects of Anisotrophy and Stability on Crystal Growth Morphology
November 3 Professor Alexander H. King
Purdue University
Triple Junction Science and Engineering
November 10 Sukbin Lee
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Microstructure-Property Relationship Study on Digitally Generated Liquid Phase Sintered Materials
November 17 Professor Robert Ritchie
UC Berkely
Role of Aging and Disease on the Fracture of Bone
November 21 (Tuesday) Professor Ray Baugham
UT Dallas
November 24 NO SEMINAR  
December 1 George Shannon
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Oxide Inclusion Behavior at the Steel-Slag Interface
December 8 Professor Kathleen Dunn
SUNY, Albany
Recrystallization of Copper in Restricted Geometries