Carnegie Mellon University

Research Centers

Research Centers
MSE faculty conduct a wide range of experimental and theoretical research. MSE research is carried out both in small groups and as part of large interdisciplinary research centers. Department faculty and students are active participants in the following centers:

Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research Center (CISR): The CISR is a University/Industry co-operative center devoted to education and research related to the production of iron and steel. The CISR conducts research projects in ironmaking, steelmaking, clean steel, and casting.

Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC): The Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie Mellon University is a world leading academic research institution in data storage technology.Our research program focuses on magnetic data storage technology for hard disk drive application as well as emerging solid-state memory technologies

NextManufacturing Center: The NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University is one of the world’s leading research centers for additive manufacturing (AM). The center leverages knowledge from across the Colleges of Engineering, Science, and Computer Science to develop new ways of thinking about AM: design optimization, materials selection and characterization, process parameter mapping, software development, final part inspection, and qualification.

Research Accelerator
(Formerly known as ICES): The Engineering Research Accelerator, provides an integrated, coordinated, and college-wide set of services for research incubation, acceleration, and support. Research through the Engineering Research Accelerator is geared toward multidisciplinary projects that involve faculty from two or more departments.