Carnegie Mellon University

Computer Equipment

In addition to the outstanding campus computer clusters, the department hosts a large number of individual machines and MSE personnel have 24 hour access to several departmental clusters containing an assortment of Macintosh, Windows, and Unix machines. All have access to the campus network, the internet, and a server for internal communication and backup. A highlight of departmental computing is the parallel computing cluster, in which 34 computers are dedicated to large-scale computations. Codes used include numerous simulated annealing algorithms for reconstructions of 3D microstructures from 2D input, Monte Carlo simulation of grain growth and recrystallization, ab initio calculations of crystal structure (e.g. VASP), simulations of electron diffraction (for microscopy), and finite element simulations of both grain growth, and mechanical behavior. A second, smaller cluster has visualization capability in 3D in addition to supporting the microscopy facility. Also, the department maintains links with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for high performance computing.

For information contact:
Professor Anthony Rollett
Phone: 412-268-3177