Participate in DDMLab Studies!

The Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory is currently seeking new members for its study pool. As a member, you will be given opportunities to participate in experiments designed to understand more about decision making in dynamic environments.

We are interested in recruting participants for both online and in-lab research. The Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory facility is located at 223G Porter Hall on the main CMU campus. Our experiments typically take less than one hour. The details of each experiment, including the times of the experiment and the maximum possible payment, will be sent to you by email.

Here's how it works: Complete the questions below, and you will be added to the DDMLab study pool. Your answers to these questions will help us advise our researchers about what studies you best qualify for. Will will contact you via email when studies become available. This information will not be deseminated outside of our lab and will only be used to share participation oportunities. Once you've signed up, we communicate with you by email. You'll receive notices from time to time about new studies that are available for you to participate in. You may choose to leave our participant pool at any time.

To receive payment for your participation, you will need to have a Venmo account. Venmo is a widely used mobile payment service. This service has been accepted by Carnegie Mellon University to send payments.

Please answer the following questions to join our participant pool!