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Current Openings

We currently have an opening for a post-doctoral fellow! Please see the information below to learn more about the position!

Undergraduate Students

We welcome the participation of undergraduate students in our lab, who might be interested in gaining research experience in the area of dynamic decision making. All our undergraduate student commit to registering for an independent study or research for credit for a full semester or more using this form. The number of units vary between 6 and 12, and correspond to the number of hours per week that the student is willing to commit to research within the lab.

To apply for an undergraduate research position at the lab, you first need to send your resume to Prof. Gonzalez as well as a letter of interest that indicates what projects you would be interested in.

If Prof. Gonzalez considers that you are an appropriate fit for a project in the lab, then she will schedule a meeting with you to define the details of the project and discuss the course description.

After you are registered for this course you will be added and integrated into lab activities.

Graduate Students

Our laboratory welcomes graduate students. As part of the laboratory you will have the opportunity to conduct multidisciplinary research with a dynamic team of researchers. You need to apply to a PhD program at CMU. The PhD programs directly related to our research are:

  1. Behavioral Decision Research (SDS, Heinz, Tepper)
  2. Engineering and Public Policy
  3. Human-Computer Interaction
  4. Psychology

Through combinations of departmental funding, grants, and outside fellowships and scholarships, all students admitted to either program receive full tuition and a living stipend.

If you are interested, please contact Professor Cleotilde Gonzalez for more information about available opportunities. You can contact her via e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-6242. Thank you for your interest.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral Fellow Position

Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory
Department of Social and Decision Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

The Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory (DDMLab: at Carnegie Mellon University, has a new post-doctoral position available to start immediately. This is a full time research position with benefits, for one year with a possibility of renewal for one additional year conditional on performance and availability of funds.

This position will support the lab’s projects on behavioral cybersecurity. Under this umbrella, we explore many issues of interest to cognitive science, computational cognitive modeling, and decision science. For example, we look at behavioral Game Theoretic algorithms of defense, and how those can/should be modified to account for human attacker’s biases. To accomplish this goal, we study attacker’s behavior and create cognitive computational models of the attacker’s decisions. These models can serve to predict biases and measure cognitive biases to improve defense algorithms. The post-doctoral fellow will need to be familiar with experimental research and with cognitive computational modeling. A post-doctoral fellow will be involved in the design and implementation of interactive web-based experimental studies and the use of existent high fidelity cyber-ranges (i.e., CyberVAN -

The post-doctoral fellow will also engage in the development of computational models of individual and collective behavior; paying special attention to cognitive modeling methods in cognitive science such as cognitive architectures, Instance-Based Learning models, Reinforcement Learning, and Bayesian approaches.

Required qualifications:
  • Ph.D. (completed by start of employment) in cognitive science; human factors engineering, engineering or computer science with experience in behavioral science
  • A technical background is required regardless of the Ph.D. degree; for example, a Ph.D. in social psychology with no experience in engineering or computational approaches would not be acceptable
  • Experience with programming (preferably Python, Java, Javascript, PhP, and others)
  • Training in behavioral science research methods and statistical analyses
  • Experience with statistical software (preferably R, others acceptable
  • Experience with computational/cognitive modeling (e.g., reinforcement learning, ACT-R models, IBL models)
  • Demonstrable writing abilities through publications and good communication skills
Desired qualifications:
  • Experience with client-server web programming and design
  • Experience working with interdisciplinary, collaborative teams, and managing research assistants

This is a full time research position with full benefits, for one year with a possibility of renewal for additional years, conditional on performance and availability of funds.

To apply:

Please apply today! You may find the full posting at: