Past Members

Past Post-Docs

Ngoc profile picture
Ngoc Nguyen, Ph.D.
October 2019 to March 2023
(Ph.D. from Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)

After concluding her appointment with the DDMLab, Ngoc took a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in Computer Science at University of Dayton.

Baptiste profile picture
Baptiste Prebot, Ph.D.
October 2021 to March 2023
(Ph.D. from University of Bordeaux, France)

After finishing the appointment with the DDMLab, Baptiste took a Human Factors specialist position at the Direction Generale de L'Armement, the research and development service of the French Department of Defense (Ministère des Armées).

Nhat profile picture
Nhat Phan, Ph.D.
March 2021 to August 2022
(Ph.D. from University of Lorraine, France)

Nhat Phan joined the University of Massachusetts to work on applied mathematics and teaching in Fall 2022.

Palvi profile picture
Palvi Aggarwal, Ph.D.
September 2018 to August 2021
(Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India)

Palvi Aggarwal joined UTEP as Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Computer Science starting in Fall 2021.

Kuldeep profile picture
Kuldeep Singh, Ph.D.
April 2019 to August 2021
(Ph.D. in Adhoc Network Security from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Thapar University, India)

Kuldeep Singh joined the Computer Science department at UTEP as an Assistant Teaching Professor.

Farnaz profile picture
Farnaz Tehranchi, Ph.D.
October 2020 to August 2021
(Ph.D. from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Pennsyvania State University)

Farnaz has started a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in the School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs at Penn State.

Hanshu profile picture
Hanshu Zhang, Ph.D.
September 2019 to July 2020
(Ph.D. in Human Factors and Industrial/Organization Psychology from Wright State University)

Hanshu is an Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, China.

Korosh profile picture
Korosh Mahmoodi, Ph.D.
September 2018 to May 2020
(Ph.D. in Physics at the Center for Nonlinear Science)

Korosh is continuing to pursue this research interests in Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Game Theory, Self-Organized Temporal Criticality, Complexity Matching, and Dynamic Complex Networks.

Pegah profile picture
Pegah Fakhari, Ph.D.
February 2018 to December 2018
(Ph.D. from Indiana University)

Dr. Fakhari moved to California as continues to pursue research projects as a freelance researcher.

Prashanth profile picture
Prashnanth Rajivan, Ph.D.
December 2015 to August 2018
(Ph.D. from Arizona State University)

Dr. Rajivan took a faculty position at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at University of Washington, WA.

Efrat profile picture
Efrat Aharonov, Ph.D.
August 2016 to August 2018
(Ph.D. from the Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel)

Dr. Aharonov returned to Israel as a researcher in industry.

Jeff profile picture
Jeffrey Chrabaszcz, Ph.D.
August 2016 to September 2017
(Ph.D. from the University of Maryland)

Dr. Chrabaszcz took a data scientist position at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mike profile picture
Michael Yu, Ph.D.
May 2014 to May 2017
(Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University)

Dr. Yu took a postdoctoral research position in the Biomedical Ethics Unit at McGill University in Montreal, Québec.

Fred profile picture
Frederic Moisan, Ph.D.
February 2014 to December 2015
(Ph.D. from the University of Toulouse)

Dr. Moisan took a research associate position in the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge.

Manos profile picture
Emmanouil Konstantinidis, Ph.D.
October 2014 to October 2015
(Ph.D. from the University College London)

Dr. Konstantinidis took a postdoc fellow position in the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales in Australia.

Jason profile picture
Jason Harman, Ph.D.
August 2012 to August 2015
(Ph.D. from Ohio University)

Dr. Harman took an Assistant Professor position at Louisiana State University.

Noam profile picture
Noam Ben-Asher, Ph.D.
October 2011 to August 2014
(Ph.D. from Ben-Gurion University)

Dr. Ben-Asher took a researcher position with the Army Research Laboratory.

Katja profile picture
Katja Mehlhorn, Ph.D.
January 2012 to May 2014
(Ph.D. from the University of Groningen)

Dr. Mehlhorn moved back to the Netherlands and currently teaches at the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen.

Shikhar profile picture
Shikhar Kumar, Ph.D.
October 2012 to September 2013
(Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science from the University of Arizona, Tucson)

Dr. Kumar took a post-doc position in the School of Government and Public Policy at University of Arizona, Tucson.

Muniba profile picture
Muniba Saleem, Ph.D.
September 2011 to May 2012
(Ph.D. in Psychology from the Iowa State University)

Dr. Saleem took an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Michigan.

Sara profile picture
Sara M. Levens, Ph.D.
2011 to May 2012
(Ph.D. in Psychology from the New York University)

Dr. Levens took an Assistant Professor position in the Psychology Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC.

Varun profile picture
Varun Dutt, Ph.D.
2008 to May 2012
(Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from the Carnegie Mellon University)

Dr. Dutt took an Assistant Professor position in the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi campus in India.

Tomas profile picture
Tomás Lejarraga
September 2009 to July 2011
(Ph.D. in Management from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Dr. Lejarraga took a position at the University of Balearic Islands in Spain.

Jolie profile picture
Jolie Martin
August 2009 to July 2011
(Ph.D. Science, Technology, and Management from a joint program between Harvard Business School and Computer Science)

Dr. Martin took an Assistant Professor position in Strategic Communication at the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Lelyn profile picture
Lelyn Saner
2007 to August 2009
(Ph.D. Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh)

Dr. Saner took an Assitant Research Scientist position at the Center for Advanced Study of Language, University of Maryland.

Angela profile picture
Angela Brunstein
September 2007 to May 2009
(Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Hamburg, Germany)

Dr. Brunstein took a teaching faculty position at the Qatar campus of Carnegie Mellon University.

Michael profile picture
Michael Martin
September 2004 to August 2007
(Ph.D. Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from University of Kansas)

Dr. Martin took a Project Scientist position for the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University.

Wai-Tat profile picture
Wai-Tat Fu
September 2006 to May 2007
(Ph.D. of Psychology from George Mason University)

Dr. Fu took an Assistant Professor position in the Human Factors Department and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Poornima profile picture
Poornima Madhavan
June 2005 to June 2007
(Ph.D. Human Factors and Psychology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Dr. Madhavan took an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Psychology and Human Factors at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

Matt profile picture
Matthew Cronin
January to June 2005
(Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Carnegie Mellon University)

Dr. Cronin took an Assistant Professor position in Management at George Mason University.

Jose profile picture
Jose Quesada
September 2004 to May 2005
(Ph.D. Psychology from University of Granada, Spain)

Dr. Quesada took a researcher position at the Adaptive Behavior and Cognition group at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Germany.

Rickey profile picture
Rickey Paul Thomas
(Ph.D. Psychology from Kansas State University)

Dr. Thomas took an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Psychology at Oklahoma University.

Other Past Members

Carlos profile picture
Carlos Botelho
July 2022 to July 2023

Tony profile picture
Tony Xi
September 2021 to December 2022

Master student intern Tony Xi studied at the Information Networking Institute (INI) at CMU. He worked on the CybORG challenge using an Instance Based Learning implementation.

Erin profile picture
Erin McCormick
August 2015 to May 2022

Erin McCormick received her PhD in August 2022 and is currently a Research Psychologist at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Jiajia's profile picture
Wenjia (Jiajia) Hu
September 2021 to May 2022

Jiajia's interests lie in using agent-based modeling to understand how individual behaviors lead to system level phoneme and design interventions to improve collective outcomes.

Ed's profile picture
Ed Matlack
October 2021 to May 2022

Ed Matlack was be a visiting scholar working on updating economic models in turn taking, intelligent agent based conversations.

Miso profile picture
Miso Demko
August 2021 to December 2021

Miso Demko was an undergraduate research student assisting social media and research communication for our findings.

Aditya profile picture
Aditya Gulati
June 2020 to August 2021

Aditya Gulati will be a new PhD student at the Institute of Human(ity)-centric AI which is a part of the University of Alicante, Spain.

Disha profile picture
Disha Das

Disha is a junior in Computer Science with a minor in Decision Science. She is excited to combine her interests in computer science, behavioral economics, and data science in her research.

Alison profile picture
Alison Butler
2019 to 2020

Alison studying as an MD/PhD student in the Medical Scientist Training Program at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University.

Peggy profile picture
Peijie He
2019 to 2020

Peijie is majoring in Decision Science with a double major in Economics & Statistics.

MaxG profile picture
Max Gamerman
2019 to 2020

Max is studying Behavioral Economics, Policy, and Organizations with a minor in Humanities Analytics. He is interested in the intersection of decision science, computation, and environmental justice.

Andrew profile picture
Andrew Ye
2019 to 2020

Andrew is currently studying Statistics and Machine Learning with a minor in Computer Science. He is interested in the applications and theory behind data science, deep learning, and AI.

Max profile picture
Max Yeh
2019 to 2020

Max is currently in the department of Social and Decision Sciences pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Decision Science and Minor in Business Administration at Carnegie Mellon University.

Orsi profile picture
Orsi Kovacs
2014 to 2019

Orsi is taking her talents, skills, and work ethic to California.

David profile picture
David Hagmann, Ph.D.
2014 to 2018

Dr. Hagmann accepted a position as a Taubman Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Cristobal profile picture
Cristobal De La Maza Guzman, Ph.D.
2014 to 2018

Dr. De La Maza returned to Chile to become the Head of Division Environment and Climate Change at the Ministry of Energy.

Qiao profile picture
Qiao Shen
2018 Fall

Qiao is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, double majoring in Economics and Statistics and Psychology.

Sabina profile picture
Sabina Sloman
2017 to 2018

Sabina is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.

Nalyn profile picture
Nalyn Sriwattanakomen
2016 to 2018

Nalyn concluded her work in the lab in order to focus on her application to graduate school.

Emily profile picture
Emily Ho
September to December 2017

Emily returned to New York to complete her Ph.D in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology at Fordham University.

German profile picture
Germán Lenin Dugarte Peña
September to December 2017

Germán returned to Spain to complete his Ph.D in Computer Science and Technology at Carlos III University in Madrid.

Fei profile picture
Fei Lu
2015 to 2017

Fei moved to Seattle, WA. She will join the Ph.D. program in Industrial/Organizational psychology at Seattle Pacific University.

Melisa profile picture
Melisa E. Chávez Guerrero
February to May 2017

Melisa returned to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to complete her Ph.D. in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior Program.

Jorn profile picture
Jörn von Grabe, Ph.D.
January 2016 to March 2016
(Ph.D. from Technical University of Munich)

Dr. von Grabe went back to Germany to continue his research as an Assistant Professor at the University of Liechtenstein.

Sam profile picture
Sam Cheyette
Fall 2015 to Fall 2016

Sam moved to University of Rochester to start his Ph.D program.

Hui profile picture
Hui Sun
July to September 2015

Hui returned to Tsinghua University to finish her undergraduate study.

Hassen profile picture
Hassen Gharbi, Ph.D.
October 2014 to August 2015

Dr. Gharbi took a postdoc fellow position in the PLAIT lab at Northeastern University.

Pingtao profile picture
Pingtao Yi, Ph.D.
December 2013 to November 2014

Pingtao was a visiting faculty member from Northeastern University in China, where he is an Associate Professor.

Hau-yu profile picture
Hau-yu Wong, B.S.
2008 to 2015

Hau-yu went back to school for her masters in human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

Eric profile picture
Eric Liang Qi
December 2013 to November 2014

Eric Liang Qi was a visiting scholar and a Ph.D student in Social Medicine and Public Health Management from Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, China. Eric returned to China, where he will be working at his home institution after graduation.


Robert profile picture
Robert H. W. ten Brincke
August to October 2014

Robert returned to ETH Zurich to complete his Ph.D. dissertation.

Angela profile picture
Angela Wu, B.S.
July to October 2014

Angela returned to Sun Yat-Sen University for her program. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree after graduating.

Sukrit profile picture
Sukrit Gupta
December 2013 to May 2014

Sukrit has returned to India and is hoping to pursue a graduate degree in research.

Vincent profile picture
Vincent Becker
October 2013 to February 2014

Vincent hopes to pursue a Masters in Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Neeraj profile picture
Neeraj Saini
September to December 2012

Neeraj is currently pursuing his Masters in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Young-Suk profile picture
Young-Suk Ahn Park
2010 to 2012

Young-Suk has completed his Master's in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. He is now with Pearson, a leading education services company.

Jani profile picture
Jani Bergström
2011 to 2012

Jani was a visiting Fullbright Scholar from Finland between June 2011 and July 2012. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from the Department of Social and Health Management at the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio Campus).

Karen profile picture
Karen Lee
Spring 2012

Karen was a senior undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University who formerly studied architecture but is now majoring in Decision Science.

Michelle profile picture
Michelle Lin
Fall 2011 to Spring 2012

Michelle is an undergraduate student double majoring in Economics and Decision Science attending Carnegie Mellon University.

Tina Hwang
Fall 2011

Tina is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing a B.S. in Social & Decision Science. She is also working towards an additional major in Policy & Management and a minor in Japanese.

Ripta Pasay
2009 to 2011

Ripta received his Bachelor's in Information Systems and an additional Bachelor's in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007.

Olivia profile picture
Olivia DeFazio
Spring 2010

Olivia was an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a B.S. in Decision Science. She is also working towards an additional major in Policy and Management and minor in Business Administration.

Sylvia Lee
Spring 2008

Sylvia Lee is currently a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Public Policy Management. Her previous research experiences is at Infant Language and Learning Lab and Center for Behavioral Decision Research.

Wei profile picture
Wei Siong Neo
2007 to 2009

Wei Siong was a Ph.D. student in the Social and Decision Sciences department at Carnegie Mellon University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2007.

Haritha profile picture
Haritha Dasari
Fall 2007

Haritha was an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. She was pursuing a B.S. in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration.

Lisa profile picture
Lisa Czlonka, M.B.A.
2006 to 2008

Lisa Czlonka completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Theology from the University of Notre Dame. She earned her MSW from the University of Hawaii and MBA from Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business in May of 2009.

Brad profile picture
Brad Best
2006 to 2007

Dr. Best is a Principal Scientist for Adaptive Cognitive Systems, LLC.

Alex profile picture
Alex Persoskie, Ph.D.
2007 to 2008

Alex worked in the DDMLab as an early graduate student, studying psychological factors in the management of dynamic systems (e.g., the roles of working memory and learning). After graduating, Alex took a post-doc position at the National Institutes of Health.

Semiha profile picture
Semiha Kiziltas, M.S.
2006 to 2007

Semiha was a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Computer Aided Engineering Program and worked as a Research Associate in the lab. Semiha concluded her work with the lab to focus on her thesis.

Frank profile picture
Frank Lacson, M.S.
2006 to 2008

Frank was a Research Associate in the DDM Lab. Following his work with the DDM Lab, Frank accepted a research position for a private industry in San Diego, CA that does contract work with the military.

Jack profile picture
Jack Hang Lim, B.S.
2002 to 2005

Jack was the main tool developer in the DDMLab, developing software simulations and tools for data analysis. Following his work with the lab, Jack moved to Oregon, to work near his family.

Chris profile picture
Chris Horn, B.A.
2004 to 2005

Chris was a part-time Master's student in CMU's Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) and worked as a Research Associate in the lab. Following his work in the lab, he took a position in industry in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eric profile picture
In Memoriam: Eric Biefeld, M.S.
2004 to 2005

At the DDMLab, Eric worked on integrating ACT-R with other simulators, focusing on the application of intelligent systems.

Colleen profile picture
Colleen M Vrbin, B.S.
Fall 2006 to Fall 2007

In May 2001, Colleen earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Policy and Management, Political Science, and Social and Decision Science (triple major). She is currently employed through the Jewish Healthcare and Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative as a research assistant.

AAnand profile picture
Aanand Radia, B.S.
Fall 2006

Aanand Radia was an undergraduate student working in the lab. Following graduation, he took a position as an associate in Patriot Capital.

Octavio profile picture
Octavio H. Juarez-Espinosa
2003 to 2007
(Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University)

Dr. Juarez-Espinosa took a Scientific/Technological Specialist position in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Polina profile picture
Polina M Vanyukov, B.S.
2003 to 2006

Lina is the former lab manager, responsible for providing research support, namely, collecting, recording, and analyzing data using experimental methods involving human subjects. She also maintained the lab server and designed web pages. She is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at University of Pittsburgh.

John profile picture
John M Graham, M.S.
2001 to 2005

John was a Ph.D. student in the Human Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Following his work with the lab, he went on to serve on the faculty in the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department at West Point.

Janice profile picture
Janice Golenbock, M.S.
2001 to 2002

Janice Golenbock was a programmer in the DDMLab, where she made updates to the simulations in the lab and developed software for data analysis and other tools. Following her work with the lab, Janice accepted a position in the computer software industry.

Kobi profile picture
Jacob (Kobi) Wimisberg, M.S.
2001 to 2002

Kobi was a master's student in the lab. Following his work with the lab, he continued his studies of social psychology at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Stephanie profile picture
Stephanie Sutton
2001 to 2003

Stephanie was the very first lab manager of DDMLab. After DDMLab, Stephanie had worked as an analyst and educator, now the owner of Digital Animation for Kids.