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Download X-Win32

The version listed as "on-network" below is available in unlimited quantity for computers that are on Carnegie Mellon networks (128.2, 128.237, 128.182, 192.88, 204.194, etc).

The version listed as "off-network" below is limited to 500 seats for computers that are not on Carnegie Mellon networks. These copies can be used by university affiliates whose access to campus computers is through DSL and cable modem service providers.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a previous version of X-Win32, you must choose the Custom installation option when installing X-Win32. Just choose the defaults and click Next to begin the installation. If you use the "Typical" install option, you may encounter font errors when you start X-Win32.

Looking for the extra fonts? Some applications require additional fonts to display properly in X-Win. If you find you need these fonts, refer to the Starnet site.

Operating SystemSizeUpdatedVersionDownload
Windows 7+34.6MB11/4/142014

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